About Me

Hey there, I’m Elena.. got pregnant with my first child when i was 16.. hmm maybe i wasn’t even 16 yet.. close to 16? Ohh don’t bother, it doesn’t matter now. Then, I left school, and my friends left me.. well most of them. Usually you can’t count the number of friends you have. I can.. 1,2,3 >2 maybe? I have cyber-friends thou, but it ain’t the same.. I don’t mean to insult.. but it’s true. This blog is truly a….

Blog by A Young MOM, who may not be classified as young anymore but blogging about LOVE, LIFE, FAMILY, and now WORK with the Ups and Downs and the Ins and Outs of Everything~

Find out how I became a young mom by clicking the link below: A Fast Forward Version of How I Became a Young Mom of 3

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