Bangkok for Mummy’s Birthday

6 months back, we packed our bags and headed to Bangkok Thailand for a 4 days 3 nights trip to celebrate my mum’s birthday.



Yeap 4 of us! Mum, myself, Judith and her friend, Jojo.


I arranged a shuttle from the airport to the hotel for convenience since there’s 4 of us. If it’s only me or just the 2 of us, I would have called for grab but this is easier.

Hassle free and I do feel like being pampered on this trip – maybe just a little bit. Even the hubs dropped us off at the airport. Love you, bie bie!


Feeling like a VIP! But it’s Folk Poshtel not Flok. LOL


As we got into the shuttle, out of the airport… we were welcomed by these skies. It was sunny yet it was drizzling so it was cloudy and gloomy.


Please be kind to us


We arrived at Folk Poshtel Silom and guess what? Our 2 rooms weren’t available so they put us in a family room with 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom and it’s at the freaking 4th floor without elevators. Our 2 deluxe rooms were supposed to be on the 2nd floor.

I didn’t mind the walking but my poor mother and those 2 poor girls. Huffing and puffing, logging their legs up the stairs but anyhow it’s just for one night.


4 flight of stairs going up and another 4 going down just for today but we went up and down 3 times so that’s 24 flights of stairs. Sorry, momma!


We settled down, changed into our warm climate outfits but before leaving, we gotta take a wefie!


Terrible posers


Our first stop is to Chatuchak as this market is only open during the weekends. It’s today or not on this trip!

We hired a grab to Chatuchak and what’s the first thing we gotta do? Fill our bodies with supplements!!!

Mum and I had ice blended watermelon juice.. it was so refreshing we almost passed out! Girls had cola - they were dying of thirst

Mum and I had ice blended watermelon juice.. it was so refreshing we almost passed out! Girls had cola – they were dying of thirst and cola was the only option for them apparently.


The authentic coconut ice cream and I had it topped with red beans! Yumz!

Cannot not have the authentic coconut ice cream and I had it topped with red beans! Yumz! Almost died but didn’t reach heaven.


Freshly made paella that you can eat and dance along with a live DJ

Freshly made paella that you can eat and dance along with a live DJ


Siew Yoke, so fatty yet so crunchy! Fat Die Me!

Jojo attacked the SIU YUK. So fatty with fats and yet so crunchy! Fat Die Me!


I didn’t take much pictures in the market as we were either too busy looking around, trying to eat and shop, looking out for our valuables in case of pick pockets and also it was really packed. It wasn’t convenient to swish my phone out and snap and swish it back again. Dang!!! Wished I have a trusty camera that I can hang around my neck. Time to invest in one? Sorry for the blurry pictures. I got a good phone with a humble camera. :)

Anyway, these ladies walked ahead of us. Looks like they are doing the shopping more than us!


Jojo with the backpack on the left and my crazy daughter, Judith who is wearing a sweater in the sweltering heat. Definitely no tan lines for her.


While mama went window shopping, the girls were up for some airbrush tattoo. We spent some time choosing the designs and opt for a simple and subtle one.


3 is a lucky number



Jojo and her reaction to the icy effect of the airbrush



Judith, as usual the pose of where she’s here and she’s not here


After sweating it all out, we headed back to the hotel to rest and most importantly a well-needed bath! We gotta primp and polish for dinner as tonight is the night we gonna celebrate mummy’s birthday! It’s May 5th and she’s turning a healthy 62 years of age.

We took a grab there and the grab driver was lost just like us. He couldn’t find the place via the GPS. He asked around and yet we still can’t find it because the place and street was really dark. It was creepy but thank goodness! Alas, we found Namsaah Bottling Trust Apparently the iconic pink building cannot be missed but still.. we were lost somehow.


Please don’t ask me what’s with the name of this place. I had a hard time saying it out loud each time people ask where are you going for dinner.



Colour palette: Vivid pink


Upon entering the restaurant….


Hello there my friend… it’s BAR-ti-ful!!! NOPE -> Gotta feed the tummies first


I made reservations beforehand, so we got a nice seating area. It was all bright and okay in the beginning then lights were dimmed and we were transported to dining in the dark.


Me and mummy



Jojo and Judith


This was exciting after snapping away, we were ready for dish picking!


Hmmm okay… thank goodness I have studied the menu online!



We were presented with torchlights to read the menu. It was a funny experience. My eyes are already sepet enough. Today, I had to squint my eyes more.


And the heavenly dishes came!


Sorry for the bad resolution pictures. I’ve tried my best and it was really dark. The food was good but not epicly good that I would patronise again. :)



I got myself a mocktail because we are going somewhere later. It’s a must-go place since it’s recommended on TripAdvisor.


But before that, we arranged for a slice of cake for momma for her birthday.

 It was a slice of lemon cheese cake. Sooo lemony I was utterly gripping my seat.

It was a slice of lemon cheese cake. Sooo lemony I was utterly gripping my seat while I spasm.


After dinner, it’s time for pictures!

  • IMG-20180505-WA0044
  • IMG-20180505-WA0047
  • IMG-20180505-WA0042

Couldn’t resist the lighting and the staircase while leaving the place. Credits to Judith on this one.


My beautiful momma. She really like the design of the lampshade.

My beautiful momma. She really like the design of the lampshade.


  • IMG-20180505-WA0046
  • IMG-20180505-WA0045
  • IMG-20180505-WA0041

When your kid snaps away asking you to pose, pose, pose

After helping each other taking pictures, it was time to move to the next venue!


Sky Bar Rooftop at Lebua State Tower. My picture can’t do justice for the view


Mama with her fancy whiskey drink!

Mama with her fancy whiskey drink!



Obligatory picture at Skybar!


Skybar is famous as it was the movie location for Hangover II. Do take note there is a dress code to enter Skybar and of course you must be at least 20 to enter as well but since the girls look mature enough and they are being accompanied by adults.. my guess should be A-OKAY. I even allowed Judith and Jojo to order a cocktail each but they hate it because it was ‘bitter-as-hell’ (that’s what they said) but who knows? They might like it someday.

However, there is a catch! To hang around here with the  magnificent view, each individual have to order a drink from the menu and they aren’t cheap. And, they are very specific on which page of drinks to order meaning it’s like a cover charge. We were very lucky to get this spot as most people were standing by bar tables waiting for people to leave. We didn’t spend much time at the rooftop but the girls did went goo-goo-ga-ga over some ‘ang-moh’ party of friends.

After filling our system with alcohol, we decided to take a walk back to our poshtel instead of grabbing and of course we dreaded the 4 flight of stairs up to our room.

Time for some R&R!

The following day was a Sunday – church day.

Mom and I woke up and headed out for breakfast. We didn’t want to walk far so we settled for pork noodles by the road side.


Spot my mum on the left at our makeshift tables and chairs



It was so good.. arrghhh the best ever but I was sweating like a piggy – no pun intended



AWESOME bowl of goodness.. I put a little too much chilli flakes – I was burning inside out.


We walked to Assumption Cathedral for Sunday mass after breakfast.


Going for Sunday mass with momma!




It was a very beautiful church with nice stained glass panels and gold trimmings


After the mass, we went to the gift shop and I got myself a bracelet.


Pretty right? They are prayer beads.



We headed back to Folk Poshtel to get the girls. It’s time to walk the malls – off we go to Siam Road

First stop was Gallery Drip Coffee, I’m coffee-deprived!


The cafe is situated in this building



Loving the cafe, there weren’t many seatings though. We were lucky to get a table for four outside though I would love seating at the bar stools but I was the only one fancying a cuppa so….



Opt for the signature coffee which is Coffee Jelly



Looking good and it was good as well. Basically a cup of espresso jelly, syrup and milk mixed together.


Time to continue our shopping spree


First stop – MBK Center



I macam paparazzi


First time I visited MBK last year, I didn’t know about MONT NOM SOD but now that I know, I’ve got to visit this local delicacy. It’s kaya toast!!!


They have all kinds of kaya toppings.. slurp



I picked to share with mum; toast with coconut custard (green slime) and toast with original coconut custard (caramel slime)


Both were very good but it was too sweet to our liking. We had to flush it down with Roselle Juice which I fail to take a picture of it. I would go back here again if I’m in MBK Centre. It’s quite packed as well. After we got our seating, there was already a queue and most people had to take away their orders.

You can’t go to Thailand without visiting a massage parlour. While the girls went their own ways, mum and I went for some R&R. A little leg therapy since it was also drizzling, we might as well take cover.


Fweels naise!


We did some shopping but most of all we got lost trying to find the night market. In the end, we gave up. Because of the heat and the tired faces we were carrying, we settled for dinner instead.



Stir-fry leafy greens, basil mint chicken and chicken tom yam soup


After filling our tummies, we managed to find another night market nearby which is the Talad Neon Night Market where the girls managed to stuff their tummies once again.


Quite a big market but it wasn’t a fruitful visit for us. We got nothing from here.



Cheesy fries… yuck! Poor grandma had to try one out of curiosity. I see also ‘beh-tahan’. So geli!


You might think the night was ending but no…. we went back to our Poshtel and the girls said, “we would like to go for reflexology”. Being a mom, knowing BKK is not a place for young girls to explore especially with these 2 pretty gals, I know I had to follow them. Then, off and out we went while grandma stayed back to rest.


Doing the night-watch while reading my handy-dandy Kindle.


The next day and also the last day before we leave for home, we met up with my customer, Mr Kwanchai and his children for lunch. We met them at Huaplachongnonsea. Time for some hotpot.


Hmm lots of fresh seafood. Mum loved the crab eggs, had a little too much and didn’t feel well the next day. Poor mummy she went home with food poisoning.



Thank you, Kwanchai for bringing us out for lunch. It’s great seeing you and your children once again. Wonderful food as always. Next year.. shall we?


Last day in BKK, means last time to buy whatever food, souvenirs or stuff that you want or… friends and families asked you to get :p



Big C… here we come!!!!



Ate a lot these few days.. check out my double chin. Hubs said, “still looking good”. *wink*wink



PIcking snacks for friends and families



Yup I am the designated cart pusher, I also organise the space to fill maximum space in the trolley. #FML


Overall, everybody bought a little something for everyone. We had a few bags to carry and I managed to secure a carton box as well. Apparently, the girls said I looked like a homeless person carrying the box everywhere I went.

We took the day slow and easy. While the girls and my mom rested, probably zzzz, I took some ME-Time at the cafe opposite our hotel, Ring Cafe by Lumiere.


Lemon Tart and D/S Cappuccino



Slowly sipping the time away


After waking the girls up, we headed over to Silom Complex for dinner. As we were going back tomorrow, we were kinda half dead from all the walking and eating.

We ended up at OMU. We ordered to share.


Potato Salad



Pesto Pasta


Because there was nothing else to see in the mall, we decided to take our chances and visit Asiatique The Riverfront for some lights and last minute shopping


The magnificent Ferris Wheel which the girls took while mom and I walked around aimlessly



Just a view



Basically this sums us up… tired and stress out but nevertheless colourful in the inside.


The next day, we got into our designated cab and head to the airport where the girls had their fare share of a Subway Meal on the ground.


Comfy like home


Our trip ends here. Though it was a short trip, we had so much fun eating, sweating, walking and window-shopping. I got myself a few clothes, mom bought mostly for her loved ones, the girls also got themselves nice apparels and not forgetting their loot from the Big C.

I like visiting Bangkok for a few days. I actually like visiting other places where it’s walkable and I don’t mind taking the public transports.

While getting lost shouldn’t be on the itinerary, it’s more like an adventure to me. New places; new sights.




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