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Bangkok for Mummy’s Birthday
Showerthought: I’ve reached 200,000 VIPitors!

Bangkok for Mummy’s Birthday

6 months back, we packed our bags and headed to Bangkok Thailand for a 4 days 3 nights trip to celebrate my mum’s birthday.     I arranged a shuttle from the airport to the hotel for convenience since there’s 4 of us. If it’s only me or just the 2 of us, I would have called for…….

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Hello, I’m just gonna write a random post today.

My blog has hit the 200k mark & that’s what i’d like to say.

Woo-hoo I’m so happy so I’m just gonna go all the way.

Can’t compare to the rest, my blog is A-Okay.


I started my first blog from

From yummybloggingtheblog to my very own dotcom

Now, it’s “”, simple not like a romcom

blog is Ten years old now, bring out the pom-poms


since My hubby upgraded my blog to WordPress

it looks better, not tacky, definitely not a hot mess

Talking about my favourite stuff not trying to impress

Hey I’m still the same old me, blogging to destress


Life has been kind, life has been good

Mostly blogging about travel and food

though I only blog when I’m in the mood

Sometimes I feel like quitting but no, not yet, “touch wood”


I’ll end this post at the fifth stanza

thank you again my comeback readers, you’re my esperanza

i’m gonna celebrate this occasion over pizza 

Stay tuned, i’ll be back with something lollapalooza

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