The Kwok Sisters are Back! (Part 1 – Wurzburg)

Took a trip. A work plus leisure trip.

We were deciding whether to work then play or play then work but in the end, we agreed on play then work!

So, that’s what we did! Since my sister is from the Land Down Under, we decided to meet at Changi Airport, Singapore.


People say we look alike.. Hmmm

We took SQ, flew to Frankfurt, then took the train to Wurzburg (play) which was on the way to Nuremberg (work).


DAY 1 – Enjoy…. the sights of Wurzburg

We checked ourselves into Hotel Gruner Baum. ELAINE, the pink one – LOL

First stop after checking in and a quick shower, we headed to Schiffbauerin (fish restaurant) on Katzengasse 7 which was just opposite the hotel. We were so famished!

My sister, Elaine did all the food searching. Me? I just eat and be merry!


That’s the entrance to the restaurant, cute cottage!

This restaurant has limited tables therefore a reservation is required in advanced. Having a whole fish to yourself is wholesome and it takes time to debone them because every little part counts. However, we did notice that most of the customers were older generation people. Patience is a must!

  • Momma would love thisMomma would love this
  • We ordered a soup to share - Rahmsuppe (creamy, foamy, bubbly soup of the day which we have no idea what it was)We ordered a soup to share - Rahmsuppe (creamy, foamy, bubbly soup of the day which we have no idea what it was)
  • Potatoes to share as wellPotatoes to share as well
  • Saibling from the salmon familySaibling from the salmon family
  • Forelle a.k.a. Rainbow TroutForelle a.k.a. Rainbow Trout

Do take note this restaurant does not have an English menu however we were lucky there was a young lady who came to speak to us. We asked for her recommendation and told her we are small eaters. Hence, the soup and potatoes to share. We also ordered a big bottle of Evian which we brought along later for our little expedition.

The total cost of our fine fish lunch was EUR38.80 including 19% tax.

After keeping our tummies happy, we headed to Marienburg Fortress


It was really an expedition, no kidding. We climbed so many stairs….working our butts


We have to trekked up the hill


And.. we made it! Woo-hoo. All sweaty and panting


View from the top


Another view from the top from the gardens



Kidding around before we head back down, what goes up must come down right?


The way down wasn’t as bad as we thought but it was a wayyyyy longer way. We were surrounded by a winery and the view was spectacular. Cute cottages – LOVE


We’re so far up and now we have to go down. Sweating our asses off!


Can you spot the grapes? Some people do actually, casually pluck them and munch on them while walking


Sorry there weren’t much pictures on the fortress because it was under reconstruction. We paid EUR9/2 pax but thank goodness our effort was paid off with the beautiful garden and the view.

We now head to Käppele Wurzburg, a Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. It was built by Balthasar Neumann in the mid-18th century in Rococo style.


Another hike for us, this time our legs were aching from all the walking. These stone steps were steeper and uneven. We started from the bottom, from the 1st station of the cross and up to the 14th station. Every station brings us higher to the church grounds. (Apologies as pictures aren’t very clear). My phone was tired too. Haha!

  • Station IStation I
  • Station IIStation II
  • Station IIIStation III
  • Station IVStation IV
  • Station VStation V
  • Station VIStation VI
  • Station VIIStation VII
  • Station VIIIStation VIII
  • Station IXStation IX
  • Station XStation X
  • Station XIStation XI
  • Station XIIStation XII
  • Station XIIIStation XIII
  • Station XIVStation XIV



We’re almost there.. almost to the top


View from the top again. Can you spot the hot-air balloon just below the clouds? What a beautiful sight! The cloud above the balloon does look like a puppy doing a leap. Do you see it?


After a short rest, we headed back down to town for dinner. It was a long day. We took so much steps. I need to ask Elaine later.


The sun is setting


Spotted some love locks!!!


Beating the human rush hour, after working hours. Everyone was drinking wine by the bridge. That’s LIFE!

Dinner was at Backofele on Ursulinergasse 2


The entrance to the restaurant, looks empty but it was super duper packed inside


Frankonian Liver Dumpling Soup @ EUR4.80


They call this the Franconian Wedding Dinner with beef, horseradish, pasta and cranberries @ EUR17.20 (we ordered this to share)

After dinner, it was all dark so we headed back to the hotel, crossing the bridge to the other side.

DAY 2 – Enjoy…. the last day in Wurzburg

We started early today as we planned to visit Würzburg Residence, it was quite a walk, we got lost a little but found our way by following people.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside once we paid for the entrance fee (EUR15/2pax) hence you all shall make do with pictures of us goofing around the gardens. A magnificent one, I would say. I mean the gardens, not us 2 old ladies.



We were just in there, the Bavarian Palace was beautiful inside out. The drawings, the interiors were amazing. It’s quite intriguing and some rooms were mesmerising.


The gnome hat trees


The whispering children.. Shhhh


I wanted cake and so she pointed


Cake Hunting Face – deprived of food


TADA! Now which is the lucky one for my tummy?


I chose the least fanciest cake because I like plain and simple – Zitronenkuchen (lemon cake) @ EUR2.60. It was so good and I wished I could have more but I’m watching my calories because there was some frosting. Ooops


After visiting the Palace, we headed back to town for light lunch and some window shopping. Light lunch because dinner will be heavy with plenty of wine.


We had lunch at MyWurscht, TripAdvisor rated it 4/5 so of course we need to be sure!


It was seriously freaking good. OMG I’d give 5/5. So spicy, me likey! EUR3.50/pax

After our quick lunch, we walked around, bought some tea from TeaGschwendner and quickly took a detour to find the restaurants which we will be having dinner. Yup restaurants = 2 because we can’t decide which to patronise. Such dilemma for us, girls who love to eat.


We ended having dinner at Burgerspital – it resides in a senior citizens’ homes and geriatric rehabilitation clinic.


Then, we went for another glass of wine at Juliusspital – another old hospital (sounds spooky but no hair raising). Oh my, our faces are so RED. Oopsy too much wine that night!


Drink, drank but not drunk, we had to walk back to our hotel in the dark and it was spitting rain. Blimey!


The next day, we indulged in our breakfast and headed for the train station to Nuremberg where work awaits us.

Coming right up PART 2

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