Coffee Hunters: Posh Coffee Roastery

It was posh but not that posh. That’s what I said to hubs.

Posh Coffee Roastery is located in Kepong. It’s easy to find if you keep your eyes open because we missed the turning and had to do a big merry-go-round.

It’s actually in a shared building with Unio Residence Gallery so just map your way to Unio Gallery and you’ll be there.

Do take note this place isn’t permanent due to the nature of the gallery, therefore please check before you make your way to Kepong.

Upon entering the cafe, we were greeted with purple walls. Yup all the walls were purple except for the washrooms, hmm were they too? Can’t remember.



PEAK grinder right in front of the coffee bar which we happily placed ourselves



Love the ambience lighting however due to the natural light from the large windows, it doesn’t show much unless the sun goes down then I’m sure the place will be posh just like its name!



The sparkling espresso machine which made my drink



As usual, I would order a Cappuccino (RM11) to test the beans since this cup would be the most basic of coffee. It was good with 2 shots of espresso. Turns out okay but not Mmm good.



Just gotta try the sandwich – Chicken with Mushroom + Sweet Potato Fries (RM14)


  • Red VelvetRed Velvet
  • Lemon Meringue TartLemon Meringue Tart
  • Carrot Walnut CakeCarrot Walnut Cake
  • Mango PassionMango Passion
There were quite a variety of sweet desserts as well. From cakes to tarts to cream mousse.


Would I visit again?
Only if I'm in the area
Was the food good?
It was surprisingly yummy
How was the coffee?
Can't say it's the best but I've drank worse
What about the service?
Service was good but not really attentive
How many stars would you rate this place of out 5?
Probably a 3.5

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