Showerthought: 2 Different Kind of Lives – Social vs PL

Upon finished reading ‘Ready Player One’, I just had to express this. I mean it’s always been at the back of my mind but the book inspired me and gave me more insights into what human life would be if we rely too much on digital technology in the future.

Gone are the days where we used to wake up in the morning and say ‘good morning’ to our family members or loved ones. Now, we wake up, check our phones, update our status and check on various social media platforms.

-pic borrowed from Tanya Goodin

Technology has completely changed our daily routine. Lives have become transparent. I would call this a social revolution. Don’t you agree? 

What was our life without social media? We used to go out, we talk more often, we enjoy the movies, we keep each other company, we interact face to face. Now, the interactions are online, somehow not “real”. I see it not only with strangers and am not shy to say I see this in my family too.

Text messages and virtual greetings have replaced voice calls and posted letters. As a result, it keeps us in a world of our own, isolated from reality.

Don’t get me wrong, social media culture isn’t all bad but while we connect digitally, is it also breeding intelligent ignorance?

Before I continue, please note that I’m not judgmental but this is my ‘showerthought’ from my POV, what my Brain thinks, how my Heart feels and the voice of my Conscience. My very own BHC.


Private life versus personal life or are they the same?

Same with a slight difference or how you perceive it. Private is like the aspect of life that includes your thoughts, habits or daily activities and personal is something people are aware of like your hobbies, places you like to eat or the organisations you are active in.

Can you live a private life in public social networks?

You can, if you set limits. But, this doesn’t say about individuals who make a living by sharing their lives with the world. Which part of life is real and which part isn’t? Life-stories can be exaggerated that are probably based on half-truths. Who knows?

Is your private life too public?

Every one tries to keep their private lives private and yet they display their lives out for the world to see. This obviously decreases the value of privacy on the Internet.

Some people feel the need to share private moments such as birth of a child, extravagant parties or being gifted with luxuries. That’s a personal choice of course and that’s where the grey area lies.

There is a difference between private and personal

Private as a peacock; personal as one’s own business.


Privacy is lost these days. We’re so used to sharing everything on social media that we have lost sense of self. What’s snapped for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, cannot be undone once it’s on the Internet. I mean protecting your privacy is an afterthought and not what comes in mind when you press the ‘POST’ or ‘SHARE’ button.

Social sharing for content inspiration or for the sake of attention?

If you’re one for promoting content for the community, resources and networking, KUDOS to you! Content is so important these days. Whether it’s personal, business-related, promotional or motivational, always keep it authentic because honesty builds loyalty and trust. I prefer submitting myself to true content but of course do bring out the fun in you and show off your personality. Just because everyone is doing a certain hype, don’t feel the need to follow their footsteps because being original and different are much more interesting. I like sharing; but not all memories are meant to be shared online. I share not because I want to show-off but more to express myself. The main reason I created this blog 10 years ago was to pass time.

Like the saying goes, don’t count the things you do. Do the things that count.

an_attention_seeker_by_draw_me_a_rainbow-d6igj0o      download (5)

For attention and social validation – are you one of those people who are concern about social status and class? Studies did show that narcissists post more self-promoting content on social media but it’s not always so easy to tell if they are doing it for attention. That being said, some AS posts statuses which leads nowhere to a near explanation of what the problem is. This is mainly to fish people out to ask them what’s the matter because seeing people care and gaining a response makes them feel better. Fishing compliments are a quick way for a little ego boost.

Threat of Social Media

Social media gives us the freedom to communicate with one another near and far however our “supposedly happy digital life” may be damaging our real-life relationships. Digital communication is somehow reducing sensory quality or must I say, physical contact. Besides being a threat on private lives, society and security are also at risk. Most people don’t know how much information they are sending out putting not only themselves but also their family and friends at involuntary danger.


While everybody are jumping on the social media bandwagon, I have friends and families who took a break from social media for their sanity. I don’t mean unplugging but more like a digital detox. By disconnecting they,

1) get to reconnect themselves and others

2) remember what’s really important

3) are present in people’s lives

4) find contentment in present space

5) are not subject to negativity
(for eg. Facebook = Drama)


I have also seen people who was once so private and adamant that sharing is too much for the soul, suddenly became so “need-to-show-the-world”. It saddens me that sometimes people uses social media to fulfil the inert need to belong.

To end my blabbering, social media and digital technology not only change lives but people as well. They are here to stay and we must be mindful of its wide potential while impacting human relationships.

“Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t hide in here forever.” – James Halliday (Ready Player One)

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