Hello Tokyo for the 3rd Year


It’s our 3rd year in Tokyo!

We love love this place, the people, the food, the culture, the confusing trains and thankfully I can say for 2017, the weather.

Warm, but windy with light rain – it’s all I can ask for!


So, we are here for work again but we try to find some time for ourselves no matter day or night.

We dutifully wake up early in Tokyo, Japan because come on!!!!! It’s the LAND OF THE RISING SUN. (trumpet effect in action)

Anyway we can’t get enough of Japan and we plan to bring the brood soon, hopefully…. eventually?

So, let’s go shall we?



We flew with ANA, as always! True ANA fan-Fam! ‍♀

1) Our daily breakfast which costs ¥550/person + coffee/tea/juice of your choice


So typically, it’s almost the same good stuff everyday – salmon or mackarel; raw egg or scrambled; white rice or brown.

We are not complaining but I just don’t like nattōIts texture is somehow ‘geli‘.


2) Ahhhh after setting up our booth at the exhibition centre, we always head to Aqua City Odaiba where the Great Ramen Stadium is located!

7th Floor baby!


Make sure you come here, okay?



Upon entering the tunnel to the holy grail of noodles, you’ll be greeted by various maneki-neko



Stadium Map in case you get lost which we always do - not lost the way but lost in “don’t know which one to choose”



A brief intro to the types of ramen served, whichever you desire to enjoy. We tend to look at pictures and love trying different ones each time. So far, we have tried 4 out of the 6 here.



Oh yeah, ramen time! Savour the moment, the flavours, the authenticity of its originality. Sorry, I’m still very excited as if I’m there now.



And of course, we ordered a mango kakidori to share – well worth because we were dying of thirst



Happy Tummy; Happy People!!!!


3a) Kissaten hunting time – the very best for me is Chatei Hatou which is situated at Shibuya, 3-min walk from Shibuya station, pass Tower Records, in a dark alley.

This 29 year old cafe is like a pilgrimage site for traditional coffee.

The cottage looking place, the exterior itself brings you back down memory lane – not that I was born yet in that era (am just saying-go with da’flow)


The Little Chatei



Thought I’d share the menu with you. My favourite is definitely the cold ‘Winner Coffee’ and don’t leave without trying the chiffon cakes. They are all good. Trust me!


Chatei Hatou is located at 1 Chome-15-19 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

3b) Another cafe to look out for to check-off that checklist of yours, is Cafe de L’ambre. People call this ‘The Legendary’ cafe.

Reviews said that if you are looking for the best damn coffee experience then don’t look any further as they’ve been serving quality coffee in Ginza since 1948 and have been using a classic Fuji roaster.

But bear in mind, they serve ‘COFFEE ONLY’ and no others. :)



Café de L’Ambre is located at 8 Chome-10-15 Ginza, Tokyo

4) Walking around Kappabashi-dori a.k.a. Kitchen Town

  • Whisky ManiaWhisky Mania
  • Coffee AddictsCoffee Addicts
  • Chopsticks GaloreChopsticks Galore
  • Signage SystemsSignage Systems

After doing part window shopping part shopping (wink^ wink^), we found a cafe! Looks pristine on the outside, all white kinda like a modern castle. So, we went in!

Simple menu, nothing fancy - my kind

Simple menu, nothing fancy – ME LIKEY


Absolutely sophisticated cafe

Absolutely sophisticated cafe



We chose the Lunch Special even though it wasn’t lunch time haha. For ¥1100/set, it’s on a pricier side but hey.. well worth it! We ordered 2 sets! We are not greedy, we just love trying out food and coffee :)

5) Our date with Tomoko


Another kissaten, Miyakoshiya Coffee at Shinbashi – Ginza with the lovely Tomoko



Perfect dinner, a gem hidden in Tsujiki Market where only locals flock here. Beware! NO English menu.


After spending almost a week in Tokyo, it was time for me to leave. The hubs will be continuing his business trip without me or should I say, I will be returning to KL without him. :(


A picture before we part for a few days.. SAYONARA!  Huhuhu (^-^)



‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go’


(keeping fingers and toes crossed)


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