My First Time in Bangkok

Hey guys! Thought I would update my trip to Bangkok. Yeap it was indeed my first time in Bangkok. People are surprised that I’ve never been there. Oh well better late than never right? This trip to Bangkok was planned and arranged probably more than a year ago and finally.. been there, done that, ate that, walk that. I went with my colleagues – all ladies, all mothers and almost certainly an adventure as we’ve never been on a trip together before. We flew with AirAsia at dawn.. zzzzz and let’s continue with some pictures shall we because I know you just want to see em!



FOOTPRINTS. We made it to Don Muang Airport. Clockwise from floral shoes (Ms R, Ms C, Ms E, Ms S)


We rented a wifi modem from KLIA2, got connected and updated our family. However we couldn’t connect to the Grab app so we had no choice but to get a cab from the taxi stand. Haggling as usual, driver wanted 500THB then down to 400THB (said 1 person 100 THB) but I said no, it’s only 300THB. He kept on complaining and used the longer way and the way he drives is like a kid learning to drink from a straw. Accelerate, let go, accelerate, let go and on and on. In the end, we fixed on 300THB and spare him MYR5 as a souvenir. He wasn’t pleased but he does look content. We arrived at our hotel. We booked Kokotel and got ourselves into a room for 4 people and as you can imagine, we ladies, are not the mousey quiet type. AHEM!


BEHOLD! Greetings from kokosheep :)


Bedding Affair

BEDDING AFFAIR! 3 singles + 1 bunk


So as you can see, Kokotel offers a room for 4 but of course space is limited. Shucks wished I took a picture of the walkway. After putting our bags, there weren’t much space to walk. So whenever one is tidying their luggage, we basically have to hop hop saying excuse me and oops our way through. Our sleeping pattern was Ms R took the outer bed, then Ms S then Ms C took the under bunk and I definitely took the upper bunk. My very own ‘castle on the hill’ aka Ed Sheeran.

My bunk

My bunk, my bunk, my little baby bunk!


Taking the chill pill

ME IN MY CASTLE, taking the chill pill. SWEET~


After checking into the hotel, we headed out to Chatuchak Weekend Market as it’s the only weekend we have in BKK. First stop is of course food. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the market. Whoops my bet! It was crazy hot, humid and sticky. I was drenched tho-rough-ly.

  • Crispy Chicken RiceCrispy Chicken Rice
  • Pad Thai with Crispy PrawnPad Thai with Crispy Prawn
  • Whole PineappleWhole Pineapple
  • Ice Stick LolliesIce Stick Lollies


Ohhhh I so need to share this with you. Sounds disgusting but bear with me. I present to you my salty ice lolly stick. Reason was because I was so hot and sweaty (no-pun intended but sweat = salty), I accidentally tap the ice lolly onto my arm as I was trying to manoeuvre between my bags and my pineapple. I didn’t know that happened then went straight for the cooling stick and to my horror, my grape flavoured ice lolly was salty. YEAP, disgusting but that’s how it went and I was giggling to myself. Silly-gal!

Pain in action

PAIN IN ACTION! Muscle sores begone!

After walking for hours at the market, we took a pit stop at a reflexology stall/tent. It was priced at 180THB per person but since there were 4 of us, we managed to reduce the price to 150THB each. Not bad for 30 minutes of pain and torture which the masseurs happily indulged in. Most of the screaming came from Ms S. Orchestrated nicely, I would put it that way. :)   We soon left Chatuchak Weekend Market after doing a 180′ turn to find our way out. Even the GPS map was clueless; the arrow kept going here and there. Going boinkers!

We took the BTS to Silom Complex to have some dessert at ‘After You Dessert’ which was recommended by our colleague back home, Ms A. Thank you, Ms A.

Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori

Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori



Thai Tea Kakigori


We headed out after replenishing ourselves with shaved ice. Next stop, Patpong Night Market which was utterly horrid. Labelled as ‘famous red-light district’ but we found things there were overpriced, a whole lot of fake brands and lots of illicit activities. “Do you fancy pussy shooting out water? Free-show?” To me, that’s probably pee-pee? Hahaha we headed out for dinner recommended by a local guy who was selling phone twirling cables. Went through a dark, dirty, narrow alley and at that point, we were a little fidgety but were surprised to find a nice restaurant situated behind grittiness. Awesome food, here we come!

  • Seafood galore!!!!Seafood galore!!!!
  • Vege delight!Vege delight!
  • Tom Yum GungTom Yum Gung
  • Cold-conutCold-conut

I can say, it’s one of the best Tom Yum Gung I’ve ever had in my life. Not too spicy, not too sour and best of all… no MSG!!! My Dream! We also had grilled cuttlefish which I can’t seem to find in my pictures. Weird…. We call it a night after that and got prepared for our next day which will be HISTORICAL!!!!! DAY 2

McD Breakfast

Haven’t got this at home!



Started our day at Mc’Ds, Pork Sausage McMuffin Egg with hot cup of coffee

Time to take the ferry ride and enjoy the sights but first, let’s take a wefie :) We took the BTS from Chong Nonsi to Saphan Taksin then got onto the platform of Sathorn Pier where a ferry ride per trip cost 15THB per person (Orange Flag) instead of the overpriced tourist boat which was at 150THB per person (full day). I’ve calculated and we won’t be ferrying ourselves much.

  • Our first Wefie!Our first Wefie!
  • It's still mourning period in BKKIt's still mourning period in BKK
  • The long boatThe long boat
  • Going under and acrossGoing under and across
  • We blend in like localsWe blend in like locals
  • Sweet sweet rideSweet sweet ride
  • Hold on there.. what a tideHold on there.. what a tide

First Stop – > Grand Palace Bangkok (No.9 – Tha Chang stop) We did not enter as there was a massive queue and the people. Oh my! Tourists from China came in flocks. We managed to watch the change of guards then off we went for some Thai Ice Tea.

Second Stop -> Wat Pho – Temple of Emerald Buddha (walking distance from Grand Palace) We were educated on the way in. The life of the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. King Bhumibol, the world’s longest-reigning monarch passed away October 2016 after 70 years as head of state. It was still the mourning period so many locals were donning black apparels. King Bhumibol was well-loved by all. After learning more about him, I felt lovely too.

  • Change of Guards at the Grand PalaceChange of Guards at the Grand Palace
  • Thai Ice Tea is superb!Thai Ice Tea is superb!
  • The Late King Bhumibol with his love of artThe Late King Bhumibol with his love of art
  • The Late King Bhumibol when he was a childThe Late King Bhumibol when he was a child
  • The Late King Bhumibol hard at workThe Late King Bhumibol hard at work
  • The Late King Bhumibol is also a composer, loves JazzThe Late King Bhumibol is also a composer, loves Jazz
  • Tempted but held backTempted but held back
  • One of the many pagodas inside Wat PhoOne of the many pagodas inside Wat Pho
  • Piggy-piggyPiggy-piggy
  • The iconic Reclining BuddhaThe iconic Reclining Buddha
  • The Reclining Buddha is 150 feet long. Click to view in a bigger picture.The Reclining Buddha is 150 feet long. Click to view in a bigger picture.
  • Girlie Adventures - stealing a picture with the palace's guardGirlie Adventures - stealing a picture with the palace's guard

Third Stop -> Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn (No.8 Tha Tien stop) NO, we did not go to Wat Arun as it was under refurbishing. Sad… sobs.. but we headed to Asiatique @ The Riverfront on foot! It was a 2.3km walk. Took us about half an hour and almost passed out but it was fun and I won’t mind doing it again. Walking soothe the soul and brings peace but won’t be able to do it in KL. You can do the walk like us if you feel powered-up or you can go back to Sathorn Pier and take the free ferry shuttle at the end of the pier to Asiatique. Weird that I did not take any pictures at Asiatique with only of a blur Pikachu and people breakdancing. Probably not very interesting for me. They are just fancy shops, brand names, pier restaurants, etc. Psst another touristy hangout!


Pays to have a picture WITH Pikachu so I got a picture OF it instead!



Wish I could do that when I was younger


We ended our day early as we walked a total of 19,866 steps on that fruitful day. Nothing beats hot/cold shower and a glass of beer in the comfort of our room. :)


It is really BEER… it’s not what you think it is :)


Day 3  

So we have alternate days of walking and chilling. Since yesterday was walkaton, today will be slow and steady. It’s MALL DAY which means air-condition all the way!!!!! We headed to Siam area where we went to MBK to check out on souvenirs then we stopped by Hard Rock outlet. We also went to check out the Hello Kitty store then next on our way to Erawan Shrine, we cut through Siam Paragon (upscale mall with big brands). Last stop was Big C supermarket where we gathered lots of food stuff for our family and colleagues back at home.


Hello Kitty theme cafe and gift shop



The famous Erawan Shrine!


For dinner, it was business mode time as I scheduled a meeting with my customer who has been buying from the company since 2012, we headed to the destination given by Mr Kwanchai via GrabCar. A secluded restaurant by the Chao Phraya river at the other side of Bangkok city.

  • Hidden Restaurant, Mr Kwanchai said to lookout for this signageHidden Restaurant, Mr Kwanchai said to lookout for this signage
  • The beautiful Krung Thon bridge before it got darkThe beautiful Krung Thon bridge before it got dark
  • Tada! So mesmerising.Tada! So mesmerising.
  • Me with Mr Kwanchai and his familyMe with Mr Kwanchai and his family
  • My first mango sticky riceMy first mango sticky rice
  • I had to finish all of that! GULP!!!I had to finish all of that! GULP!!!

Too much food, too much mango sticky rice and too much beer. Mr. Kwanchai ordered 4 bottles of 630ml LEO Beer. We cling clank glasses where each of us finished 2 bottles each. I burped so much after that and the next day, my tummy wasn’t feeling very yummy.

Day 4

And here we are the day before we leave our holiday spot, the mommies who came to BKK to pretend that they are single but failed because all we want to buy and talk about is our children. Anyway, the plan for today is to visit the local market, a hidden market, an indoor market (something like Chatuchak but with air-condition) and lastly a night market.


Before our journey, we stopped by the sidewalk for a cup of Nescafe! Authentic, rich and piping hot!


Morning Market @ Silom Soi 20 / Soi Lalai Sap (Hideen Bazaar)

  • Fruit Stalls - so colourful can't get my eyes off themFruit Stalls - so colourful can't get my eyes off them
  • Tuk tuk is everywhere but overpriced for touristsTuk tuk is everywhere but overpriced for tourists
  • Snack bar at the marketSnack bar at the market
  • Strange but there wasn't any smell of the durians when we passed byStrange but there wasn't any smell of the durians when we passed by
  • Thai Braised Pork BellyThai Braised Pork Belly
  • Goodness in a plate. Kindly like Bak Kut Teh with the herbs plus the oh-so good preserved vegetables on the side. I'M IN LOVE!Goodness in a plate. Kindly like Bak Kut Teh with the herbs plus the oh-so good preserved vegetables on the side. I'M IN LOVE!

No pictures in Platinum Mall and not much either for District 21 (theme-based mall) so let’s fast forward to the night market, shall we?

Rod Fai (Train Market) @ Ratchada (Thailand Cultural Centre MRT)

  • Greeted by these babies on our right!Greeted by these babies on our right!
  • And this on our left!And this on our left!
  • More of them! OMG! What booze haven is this place?More of them! OMG! What booze haven is this place?
  • Dang.. wished I brought more THB for booze juice.Dang.. wished I brought more THB for booze juice.
  • Frankly, which to choose?Frankly, which to choose?
  • Hot Wheels!Hot Wheels!
  • Damn those oysters and scallops fire-up with a cooking torch! Epic flavours. BOOMBASTIC!Damn those oysters and scallops fire-up with a cooking torch! Epic flavours. BOOMBASTIC!
  • Basil Pasta with tasty shrimpsBasil Pasta with tasty shrimps
  • Fresh clams with lots of fried shallots, onions, lemongrass, chilli and oh so good sweet sour vinegar sauce. Loved this that we ordered another bowl!Fresh clams with lots of fried shallots, onions, lemongrass, chilli and oh so good sweet sour vinegar sauce. Loved this that we ordered another bowl!

So we left the night market with a full tummy and dragged our tired legs back to the hotel in a GrabCar! The next morning, we are ready to leave BKK with packed bags but before that, it’s time to visit the morning market one more time for some local breakfast and last minute shopping!


Economy Rice! Spicy sour vege with sunny side up. PERFECT COMBO!


IMG_20170525_140213Made it to the airport on time, unlike our flight from KL to BKK which was like the ‘Amazing Race’. We raced through the terminal right from the check-in to immigration to customs and to our gate thinking we were the last ones to board but in the end, there were people even later than us. Oh well, at least we flexed our heart muscles getting ready for the trip. :)
Back to Don Mueng Airport, I was delighted to see Dairy Queen and I just got to have my cup of Blizzard. Brings back childhood memories.

I will be back Bangkok. You made me hot and sticky but I had a great time getting wet and toasted. I love your variety of food, the spicy palettes, the ice blended drinks and most importantly, your love for King Bhumibol!

BANGKOK, ฉันจะกลับมา

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