Welcome to the Flashback of 2016

Okay guys, I’m gonna do a flashback for 2016. It was a great year but I think I was sick more often in 2016 than the years before. It was a non-healthy year for the RAT! So, let’s start with…..


Jan 8th, Jake’s birthday!

Jake's Birthday

Homemade Cake by My Momma.


Jan 20th, Spring Cleaning

  • DSC_1244
  • Window Cleaning
  • Living Room Fan Cleaning
  • DSC_1250


Feb 2nd, Brace Yourself Judith!

No Pain No Gain

Feb 6th, Unexpectedly met the cast of Ola Bola and got goodies!!!
This movie moved me. Cried and sobbed.

  • Judith rocking the cap!Judith rocking the cap!
  • I did believe!I did believe!
  • The Main Cast!The Main Cast!

Feb 7th, Reunion Dinner for CNY 2016 (The Year of The Monkey!)

The Yongs~

Feb 9th, Turning 31 @ Favola Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

My 31st Birthday

My One and Only… XOXO


March 1st – 3rd, Mitch The Monkey on a Business Trip to Dubai

  • Shish KebabShish Kebab
  • Mitch on a HolidayMitch on a Holiday
  • Yeap Mitch love coffee tooYeap Mitch love coffee too
  • Mitch, watcha looking at?Mitch, watcha looking at?

March 23rd, Javier Levelled Up to 11!


March 26th, Qing Ming Festival in Malacca








Apr 22nd, Our Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Penang Trip

  • DSC_1833
  • Ed, Steph and JudEd, Steph and Jud
  • Best thirst quencherBest thirst quencher
  • Popiah with no carrots..hahahaPopiah with no carrots..hahaha
  • Asam Laksa is da bomb!Asam Laksa is da bomb!
  • Fruit RojakFruit Rojak
  • Tau-Foo-Fah (beancurd pudding)Tau-Foo-Fah (beancurd pudding)
  • Thank you for the coffeeThank you for the coffee
  • Our first Penang We-fieOur first Penang We-fie
  • That's one big CHEESEThat's one big CHEESE
  • You wish.. I wish...You wish.. I wish...
  • Almost at BB's kneesAlmost at BB's knees
  • Wah almost at its thighsWah almost at its thighs


Apr 30th, Early Birthday Treat @ Al-Diafah for Mommy



May 5th, Day Out with Birthday Girl, My Momma

Me & Mummy

May 6th, Dinner with the Export Loading Department



June 6th, the day Joe got his braces!


June 7th, Our First Visit to Royal Selangor with John from Korea

DSC_2108 DSC_2105

June 24th, A Date with Cats @ PURRADISE CAT CAFE

DSC_2223 DSC_2216

DSC_2226 DSC_2206

June 26th, KL Bird Park (reminiscing old days)

DSC_2284 DSC_2262 DSC_2256 DSC_2275 DSC_2274 DSC_2260

July 5th – 7th, Japan Business Trip

  • Tonkotsu RamenTonkotsu Ramen
  • SobaSoba
  • Grilled SabaGrilled Saba
  • Slurp it up, baby!Slurp it up, baby!
  • With Abo-San & Masa-sanWith Abo-San & Masa-san
  • Award receiver wannabe :pAward receiver wannabe :p
  • Yasu, very priceless translatorYasu, very priceless translator



Aug 6th, Pokémon GO officially released in Malaysia!


August 12th, Kemaman Trip with Judith and Miss Goldie
(Goldie’s first road trip)

  • 4 Hours Drive! Here we go!4 Hours Drive! Here we go!
  • Aahhh serene with mosquitoesAahhh serene with mosquitoes
  • Goldie accessing surroundingsGoldie accessing surroundings
  • Celebrating Ah Gong's BirthdayCelebrating Ah Gong's Birthday



Sept 11, Torturing myself in SKYTREX with teenagers

  • 45 minutes away45 minutes away
  • DSC_0039
  • Practice makes perfectPractice makes perfect
  • Dab, dabber, dabbestDab, dabber, dabbest
  • Mission Accomplished!Mission Accomplished!



Oct 1st, FIL’s Birthday Dinner


Ice Cream instead of Cake!!!


Oct 2nd, A Date with Ben Phillips


Who is Ben Phillips??

Oct 4th, Business Trip to Germany (Nuremberg and Black Forest) – Land of Sausages and Beer

  • Church of Our LadyChurch of Our Lady
  • SchwarzwaldSchwarzwald
  • Black ForestBlack Forest
  • Oysters give me powerOysters give me power
  • Bratwurst with PotsBratwurst with Pots
  • Pork KnucklePork Knuckle
  • Spinach Lasagne, one of a kindSpinach Lasagne, one of a kind
  • Ready for our business meeting!Ready for our business meeting!
  • Work + PlayWork + Play



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