Showerthought: Long Hiatus but I’m Back!

Hi All. I’ve taken months long hiatus. My last post was in 2015 November. What’s my excuse? Formally, I’m just busy. Personally, I’m just lazy. Turning 30 made me super-lazy. I kid you not because let me tell you what sucks when you turn 30.

  • Metabolism rate drops means you gets lumpy here and there
  • Sleeping earlier the night before makes you even more tired the next morning; sleep never enough
  • Back aches even when not using it
  • Gets tired easily.. how to workout when you’re already restless
  • Hungry every other hour (urrgh cookies and crackers are BFF now)
  • Pee frequently; can’t hold em’ in now but I never could anyway (stupid bladder problem)
  • Mood swings super fast like there’s no level significance (low, moderate, high, HULK, etc)

After sieving through my colleague’s blog, I thought I should resume my blog cuz hey people around the world are still visiting my blog. Gotta keep going with the content right? “Sharing is caring and you can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others”. Hahaha, new philosophy?

I better stop blabbing now cuz these days not many people read, most people are only interested in pictures but what the heck? Because of people who don’t read through and only go straight for headlines, you are the caused of many fake spread news. Social media woes. Never get facts right. “It’s not what you look that matters, it’s what you see especially in an article.”

So, I’m going to start my postings now. Slowly, gradually keeping up with the KARDASHIANS KATALOGING of 2016 events up to 2017. Hugs~

And thank you, Miss F for giving me a push (not physically) to wake my dying blog. As I’m known to you in your blog, the ever Miss E. :)



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