Joe’s Souvenir from Amsterdam

Recently, Joe broke his wrist in Amsterdam. Everyone said he got the ‘one-of-a-kind’ souvy. Very special indeed!

We were there for work and play and I will be updating this trip in another post; provided I can locate the pictures.

It happened accidentally on uneven ice grounds, flipped, fell and whacked-a-molly. The next day, his whole wrist bruised and I can no longer differentiate a wrist and an arm. It was scary and I was more afraid than him.

So, we went to the nearby A&E which was MC Slotervaart on a Sunday where typically most shops are closed, even the A&E department is ghostly. After paying the deposit for overseas patient treatment (€300), they checked and confirmed it’s broken then sent us away because they don’t deal with children. Joe is 15 by the way and taller than his momma but hospitals have their T&C so I cannot complain furthermore but they were nice enough to make him a temporary sling and popped him 2 painkillers before sending us off to a bigger hospital. (Don’t fret, our deposit was returned later-much later)


Temporary Sling (sounds like an alcohol drink)

We arrived at Sint Lucas Ziekenhuis around 4pm, registered, paid (€250) and tagged. Joe was soon ushered to the X-Ray Room then into a holding room where he got to rest on the beds while Jake and I were trying to get comfy on the weirdly shaped stools. One practitioner came to check and explained the wrist is broken with the bones out of place, another one came to feel and administered anaesthesia, then a male nurse came to do the pulling and prodding with a torture device (confirmed by Joe); the unthinkable for me as shown below:


Strapped, strung and pull (PAINED face)


Zoomed in for your curiosity


After 10 minutes of pulling and agony (for me), the male nurse made him a cast and while we wait for it to dry, Joe was sent for another X-Ray. Once they have confirmed the bones are in better position, they prepared a Medical Report in both Dutch and English for us to bring back to KL and were kind enough to include the X-Ray pictures into a compact disc-practical for tourists. The lady practitioner asked us to get painkillers from the local pharmacy if required as they are costly in the hospitals. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and accommodating. Even the sweet old lady at reception was chuckling of Joe’s injury as a souvenir. Awesome!


The Aftermath


We spent around 3 hours in Sint Lucas then head back to our Airbnb for dinner and packing as next day, we flew home! We are so grateful that his fall was almost at the end of our trip but we also would never have expected such an incident to happen.


On our way home!!!



Back in KL, we have to find a local doctor to follow up on his recovery. We were appointed with Dr. Peter Paul in Pantai Cheras. He was a nice fellow, prompt and friendly. It was him who explained thoroughly how Joe fell and how he tried to un-fall himself. We saw him every fortnight, each time was a waiting game for X-Ray Reports and consultations. The final time we saw him was the 3rd appointment (three times lucky).


Cut the old plaster of Paris


Get off you stinky month-old yellow cast


Yup left wrist is definitely weird looking now


Dr Peter putting on the new fiberglass cast


He made Joe a fibreglass cast which can be soften with water if removal is needed or can be mould back into its shape with water. Either way, it was interesting. We bid farewell and Dr. Peter hoped we won’t be seeing him anytime soon in his clinic. :)

Life is full of uncertainties but uncertainties should be embraced because they create experiences which are made into memories.



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