Followed the boys for dinner at Bytes and Pixels. Should check em’ out. Situated at Sunway, smacked right outside Sunway University College. You won’t miss the bright signage (that is, if you come when the day gets dark).

You’ll be greeted by this!

And this…

Yup a huge TV screening the latest e-sports

Interesting artsy decor adorn the walls.

  • wpid-IMG_20170429_190759.jpg
  • wpid-IMG_20170429_204410.jpg
  • wpid-IMG_20170429_204400.jpg
  • wpid-IMG_20170429_204346.jpg
  • wpid-IMG_20170429_204420.jpg
  • wpid-IMG_20170429_204429.jpg

There are board/table games for ages. From Jenga to Uno to Scrabble to Cards Against Humanity! But, beware​! There’s a strict policy on no playing while eating as you’ll notice, all games are in pristine condition. Tip-top but one of the blocks from Jenga is missing. Hmm

Simple yet fulfilling menu choices. Check out these food portions!

  • Truffle Fries RM 11Truffle Fries RM 11
  • Chilli Cheese Fries RM12Chilli Cheese Fries RM12
  • Creamy Tomato Pasta RM15Creamy Tomato Pasta RM15
  • Chicken Parmigiana RM20Chicken Parmigiana RM20
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu (special menu)Chicken Cordon Bleu (special menu)
  • Iced Chocolate RM11Iced Chocolate RM11
  • Cappuccino RM10Cappuccino RM10


Hubby and I… Uurgh my sick pale face

Boys with their Jenga moments!

And when the boys tried to catch the falling blocks


When play is also work

Overall, food was great at an affordable price. Coffee is superb too. Thumbs up to Mr Jackson a.k.a. Raijinshi. I would love to go back again. If only the location is nearer, I would go back and forth for the Cappuccino.


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