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Hi guys. I know I haven’t been blogging lately…. instead, I’ve looking at other people’s blogs and vlogs.

I get mesmerised by some of them and frankly speaking, blogging is kinda’ outdated now. Most does vlogging meaning lots of talking and eyelashes batting. I still prefer to type my words out and I’m sure some of you would have the heart to read my penned ramblings, while others would just scroll to pictures and hopefully to find a video somewhere in between.

Anyway, back to my ‘old-fashioned’ blog. The season of giving is approaching and I can’t wait for it. To me, it’s not all about the receiving but I prefer the giving. I enjoy picking goodies for my receivers.

I practically do a James Bond on them or stalk their social media account to see their styles and requirements. I even got an excel list of gifts of what goes to who from a few years back. That way, I don’t buy the same thing for the same person the following year cuz’ I want it to be exciting!

Truthfully and shockingly, I planned them right after Christmas. It’s like the whole year round of gift hunting which I find very satisfactory in a calming way. You know, like copacetic? To put it in understanding… I just feel good. :)

Apart from selecting gifts, I also take gift wrapping seriously. I practically lose some braincells for gift wrapping ideas. I search the internet (that’s the auto-way of adults finding answers these days), I turn my drawers inside out, I check out stationery stores specially the arts and craft department and most of all I buy bits of things that I don’t need that I thought I can use.

Right now, I have plenty of ribbons, colour papers and maybe some stencils somewhere?

So anyway, back to topic.. gift wrapping!!!

(2012) 3 Years Ago, I DIY-ed the labels which can be seen below.

Gift Label

 I used: Round Adhesive Labels 25mm + 32mm / Green Highlighter / Red + Green + Black Permanent Marker

(2013) 2 years ago, I experimented with doilies!!! They are so pretty, versatile and yet so fragile. I torn a few just because I’m too rough!

Doilies Gift Wrapping

 I got the doilies from a few places; white ones were from Daiso and red and pink ones from an online craft store. The festive print satin acetate ribbon, I got it from Sin Sin Bookstore in Plaza Low Yat. There were only 3 rolls left and I ‘sapu’ all of them.

 (2014) Last year, it was back to gift tagging.

Sugar Paper Wrapping

I decided to go back to basics, BLACK and made the tag layout with MW along with the printing of Merry Christmas. The Christmas Tree ornament, I got it from Fun & Cheer while the lace ribbon is from Daiso.

This year (2015) 

And this year… I decide to omit the tags but do a little primping on brown paper which are widely used for parcel wrapping. I couldn’t find the usual virgin kraft paper (basically they have a bit bulu-bulu one and you may not understand but I take my papers seriously) that I preferred so, I had no choice but to work with the brown paper with vertical lines (I call them artificial) and I have to use it inside out so whatever I’m going to do would actually stick and absorb.

Christmas Wrapping

Utensils this year are: Artificial Brown Kraft Paper / Brown + Red Sharpie / Liquid Paper / White Acrylic Paint / Paintbrush / Red Foam Sheet / All-Fix Sticks Glue

wait for it…

wait for it…

wait for it…

Brown Paper Wrapping

TADA! I got the idea off the Internet and improved on some parts. Please omit the bands though; they are there because the double sided tapes I used aren’t strong enough. They suck and they are ‘unicorn’ ones. They are for friendly usage so I wouldn’t recommend them. But now, I got really good ones from Ace Hardware.

My masterpieces are only half way done. So many more to primp and I’m so excited. The best part of Christmas is doing what I like most
“Selecting -> Boxing -> Wrapping -> Primping”.

And.. guess what! This year, we’re gonna’ have our very own Christmas ♠. I am super uberly excited. Hubs and I will be picking our ‘first hopefully green coloured plastic tree’ together. Can’t wait to choose the theme for 2015. Red? White? Blue? Gold? Silver? Grrrrr!!!

Stay tuned for our Christmas Tree!


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