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August last year, my brother, Edmund got married and I was honoured to have been summoned to do the night decor for the ballroom. Though it was a little last minute, I have my alternative resources, my shrinking brain that pops ideas in the middle of the night, my ability to multitask and most of all it’s what I love to do besides being a mummy. It’s been awhile since I put my creative cap on. Usually the thinking cap is only turned on for Christmas gifting but last year I forgo the ultimate gifting for decorating and believe me I have yet to put a confirmation on the gifting design and it was already July. :( YEAP I’M A PLAN IN ADVANCE KINDA’ PERSON

First of all, a budget was given. Since we are going for affordability without sacrificing functionality and quality, I’ve come to a point where I told my brother I will use only half of the budget given. Turns out I used and spent 58% of it. There were probably more but I just couldn’t think where I spent my money because each time I see something usable, the wallet comes out. So, in between my Mon-Fri office job and mommy duties, I managed to do the following:


1. Backdrop Decor for Ballroom (RM179.60)




This took me forever to do because it really wasn’t easy. It looks easy. I even fooled myself. Stephanie, wanted something simple, nothing shiny nor glossy and no bling bling. The theme was AUTUMN and she wanted the decor to be natural looking and original.

Many thanks to my mom who shielded me from the sun rays with an umbrella and bringing me bottles of water while I fry myself away. Also to Judith who tried to help but nevertheless only prefer to spray stuff. Spray baby spray. Plus my hubby who came to the rescue at the last minute because I almost gave up. You damn stickers… so sticky! Stuck to me like there’s no tomorrow. I only had ONE burlap so to my horror there were some OH-Os’ but we managed to get through it. It wasn’t 100% perfect but everyone says it looked GREAT so I listened and stopped fussing.

I actually had another project. They were pillars and 2 of them to be exact. A colleague of mine attached 4 pieces of large-size rollers to make a tall pillar. Then, he wrapped it up with carton paper. Since I got to make them brown in colour, I took the easy way out by using spray cans which you can see at the picture below. Judith did most of the spraying. After the pillars are dried and browned, I pinned the autumn leaves on vine round and round until they are covered up. I’m so disappointed that I did not take any pictures for remembrance but I remembered the pillars looking grandeur. I don’t mind doing that again for a ‘CAUSE’.

  • burlap freaking 2 feet long @ RM35.00, stencil sticker FOC, spray paint x 3 cans @ RM39.60, autumn vine leaves x 105 @ RM105.00

How’d we do it?

  • Let's get started! Plenty of sunshine with spray cans and sticky sticky labelsLet's get started! Plenty of sunshine with spray cans and sticky sticky labels
  • Judith hard at work with her can-cansJudith hard at work with her can-cans
  • Judith wants the burlap cloth to herself. Told ya' she's really something!Judith wants the burlap cloth to herself. Told ya' she's really something!


2. Main Table Decor (RM78.50)
then I recycled the flowers at the main table at night :)

Flowers which was recycled


The flowers were a plus. They weren’t part of the plan but after Stephanie texted me in the morning that she got a basket of fresh ones…. I was HEY, GIVE THEM TO ME! We were both very lucky. :)

  • vase RM24.95, ribbon RM4.90, pebbles RM9.80, twigs RM9.85, potpourri RM5.00, pearl bead trim RM24.00


Bride was gifted a basket of flowers in the morning..

The basket of flowers which Stephanie received in the morning


3. Guests’ Table Decor x 73 (RM75.00)

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.55.59 AM

Easy peasy job. Judith and a few of Ed & Steph’s friends helped out to scatter these colourful goodies on the guests’ tables.

  • fabric autumn leaves scatter RM63.00, paper confetti ‘HEI’ RM12.00, star anise & cinnamon sticks – Mom got them so I don’t know how much were they


4. Guestbook Table with Photo Collage (RM105.00)
It's primp and polished! (Bride's morning bouquet flowers can be seen on the table)

It’s primp and polished! (Bride’s morning bouquet flowers can be seen on the table)


  • colour foam board @ RM5.00, mini easel @ RM5.00, vase x 2 @ RM5.00, marbles x packs + plasticine x @ RM11.60, ice cream sticks x 2 packs + jute string @ RM12.80, mini pegs x 25 @ RM4.90, battery operated candle x 3 pcs @ RM25.00, photo frame @ RM3.90, birdhouse x 2 @ RM16.80, autumn garland leaves x 2 @ RM15.00
Photo Collage of the Bride & Groom from past to present memories

Photo Collage of the Bride & Groom from past to present memories


The photo collage was a planned project but because of time, I only managed to string the jute around the ice cream sticks the night before and those sticks kept breaking apart. I had plasticine at the bottom of the mini vases to keep the tower high sticks in place but they were heavy so I got the marbles as weights.


Glass bottles are useful


We had some leftover glass bottles from root beer and ale so I thought why not make use of them for another day? I used the same coil of jute string to cover the entire bottle while applying PVA glue. Once all clothed, I used white stencil pen to write Ed’s and Steph’s initials on them. And the ‘+’ I actually was fiddling around a cardboard paper then a bright idea came to mind. :)

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.40.01 PM

Thank you MEMO from the Bride & Groom


*somebody actually tried to light these battery operated candles up; those fake wicks were blackened but it still worked but it was hilarious.


How’d we do the ‘THANK YOU MEMO’

  • Jay and Jud helping to stain the A4 paperJay and Jud helping to stain the A4 paper
  • First sheet failed and torn but second one was absolutely gorgeousFirst sheet failed and torn but second one was absolutely gorgeous
  • Colour foam board as background & wooden easelColour foam board as background & wooden easel
  • Appreciation Words - CHECKED!Appreciation Words - CHECKED!


5. Registration Table (RM39.80)
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.48.39 AM

Cinnamon Sticks Candle

This was a weekend project. Many helped out with the candles and cinnamon sticks. Just use PVA glue with the cinnamons. Once they are neatly placed and the entire candle is covered, use jute string to bind them together. Pretty and absolutely stunning! Guess what! When you light the candle and as it burns, you can actually smell cinnamon. How awesome is that?

  • table runner x 2 @ RM19.80, candles x 4 @ RM20.00, cinnamon sticks – mom got them in large bags

~sorry no other pictures; I have searched high and low


6. Angpao Bag x 2 (RM35.10)
Cloned another brown bag since we are expecting big envelopes and cards

Made one then cloned another since we are expecting bountiful of big envelopes and cards


  • recycled eco brown bag x 2 @RM17.80,  brown sugar paper x 2 @ RM3.40, brown sharpie @ RM3.90, autumn cloth leaves x 2 packs @ RM10.00, ‘save the date’ card reused
My bedtime pastime :)

My before bed time past time. Look! I’m in my PJs’.


One of my night projects while watching drama series with hubby. Since this project don’t really need attention to detail, I wasn’t so stress about it. Starts with the brown eco paper bag which I got from Popular Bookstore. I also used this for my sister, Elaine’s wedding, my bestie, Eirene’s wedding and my another bestie, Melissa’s wedding. They are really practical and handy, you can reuse them later or keep receipts or carry memories around.

So, with the brown bag in hand, I took some craft paper and crumpled them to make them look like tree barks. Then, I pasted them on the brown bag while pinching the corners and sides to achieve the design I want. Then, comes the fabric leaves that I got from Daiso. They came in vines but I only wanted the leaves so I plucked them off their branches.  Once I’m happy with the results, I then take the ‘Save the Date’ card to add as a decor on the bag. Kind of a swing-thing going on but it’s perfect.

As for the ‘THANK YOU’ words, I outlined them and asked Judith to fill them in. :)

Ending the day with bringing down the stage! I’ve included some pictures of us in case you are wondering who, what, when, where.



All the sleepless nights well worth it!


20140823_ed-step_reception (222 of 517)

Edmund and Stephanie


20140823_ed-step_reception (254 of 517)

Groom’s parents, Rina & Ronald


20140823_ed-step_reception (298 of 517)

Bride’s parents, Maria & Santiago


20140823_ed-step_reception (344 of 517)

My sister, Elaine and her hubby, Kevin on the left



My beautiful sister, Elaine with Judith


Perfect Backdrop for Pictures!

Perfect Backdrop for Pictures! -Elaine & Elena-


20140823_ed-step_reception (486 of 517)

Me and my LIFE :)



Marks the date of the wedding


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