Showerthought: Coffee Dialogue with MEself

Has this blog been revamped or change ownership?
YES. If I may recall, this is the second time it got revamped but the ownership is still the same.

Did you revamped the blog yourself?
NO, hubby did it for me. Kudos to him!

Why and what made him want to revamp it again?
Because…. he loves me and always wants the best for me?  It has always been him and only him there ever shall be. Plus, I really do need a new layout to stir things up. Hopefully with this new transformation, I would crave for putting more updates. Fingers crossed – if it means something?

Will you continue blogging or go MIA again and again?
YES & NO. I will definitely continue blogging and I might go MIA again but I’ll always come back. But, my future posts will be shorter as I feel like I brag at times and nobody reads about it. Most visitors only want to see pictures but whatever. I do what I want if time persists. So, I might have more words and less photos now; just like this post. I love reading so I ought to love making sentences too.

Why aren’t there many updates since like a whole epic 8 months of years ago?
Well, I’ve been busy neglecting my blog. I am so-so sorry. I still have visitors coming in and I-am-pretty-sure my readers kept coming back once in a blue moon to check if I have updated anything. I work and travel for work and I travel for my work as that’s what I do.

Is everything okay with life, family, health and food?
All four elements are okay.

LIFE is fulfilling and I have yet to fulfil my dreams. That’s why they are called dreams and I tend to let them stay in that definition.

FAMILY is maintained at 5 individuals; no less and no more. If you want to know about my side or his side of family… not now. I’m talking about mine. We can continue that in later posts.

HEALTH is so-so. Every month I’m up with something. It’s like I’m going through the common illnesses like I’m gonna get a big award for them. So far, I’ve gotten peanut butter poisoning, brain-pounding, nose-exercising, throat-clawing, tummy expansion, toxin-flush, puke-fest and blab-talking. But, don’t fret. Everything is good. I fall sick, get a little sicker, I sleep, hibernate, feel better then I cure. Who doesn’t? Better me than my monkeys.

FOOD is absolutely marvellous. It’s life and it’s medicine to the soul. Mom’s cooking is still the best specially when health breaks me, I look for her. And a cup of coffee is never far away with hubby. We, both love coffee and can’t get enough of Macchiato.

I’m gonna add KIDS as they are a huge part of my blog. Joe, Judith and Javier has grown. I tell you, seriously grown. Joe is almost my height and has the same feet size as me. I can wear his sneakers! Judith has started to stand tall and speaks her opinion. She’s into Taylor Swift now – a total Swiftie. Do you know the word ‘Swiftie’ is in urban dictionary? Javier is still a rascal at heart. He speaks a little grown-ish now. Very wise with words and sometimes too wise for his age.

What’s the next chapter in life?
I have chapters in my Kindle Paperwhite. I don’t know about my life though. Just follow the flow? Next step forward would probably be moving to our very own place. Our kids are very excited and so are we but nothing is easy, right? That’s why I don’t want to ponder what’s next and what’s after that and the after. All I know is living like everyday it’s your last. Like what Dory a.k.a. Ellen said, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

So.. do come back and check on my/our blog. Go and read some of the old posts which I do sometimes. They bring me great joy and down memory lanes and I plan to build more on my way to a thousand years. :)

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