Tripping to Istanbul

Never would I have thought we would made a trip to Istanbul and it was a wonderful one.

I love Istanbul; from the food to the people; their culture to their effortless friendliness.

We flew to Istanbul right after our trip to Dubai with the kids and they weren’t expecting it either until the day before.

They thought they were going home the following day and we can see in their faces the daunting look of ‘IT’S THE END OF OUR HOLIDAY!’.

This was our first trip too therefore we were as excited as the kids. We didn’t know what to expect nor planned anything ahead but we did some research and chose the accommodation near the historic city centre of Sultanahmet which was at the old city.

We stayed at Noah’s Ark which was pleasant and it was really homey. Hubby even wrote a review on Tripadvisor

Since Istanbul is a new place for us, hubby booked a shuttle service to chauffeur us directly to the hotel. We weren’t sure how far is the airport to the old city therefore it was better to plan in advance.


Leaving Atatürk Airport – Oh look! Judith has her new teddy from Dubai with her

We left the airport right away after locating our names on a placard. The Atatürk airport was really crowded so our kids stuck to us like UHU glue!

Our accommodation for the next few days – Noah’s Ark Hotel

Hubby is working on his laptop! Work first and play later. Hehe


Balcony view of Noah’s Ark Hotel


Breakfast buffet at its best! Cold cuts, lots of bread and specially love the ‘ahududu’ a.k.a. fresh raspberry jam

We had our daily breakfast with this magnificent view. We were also greeted by white seagulls wanting to grab a bite.



The weather was perfect for me and Jake at 11ºC/51.8ºF but the kids were struggling with the cold winds as this is their first semi-winter encounter.

Judith buckling Javier up!


Poor Joe was reduced to a bundle of green ball


First Adventure – Basilica Cistern 

-the largest ancient cisterns in Istanbul amongst hundreds

Our tickets to the Basilica Cistern!


The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

The Basilica Cistern or also known as ‘Yerebatan Sarayı’ (Sunken Palace) lies beneath the city of Istanbul. One of Medusa’s upside down head can be seen at the bottom of the picture. This would probably be the city’s most unromantic attraction but you’d be in awed into this complicated system that once brought drinking water into the land.

Built in the sixth century, this cistern was also constructed with music and lights throughout the many columns and pillars that supports the ceiling. Wonderful isn’t it? It’s like treasure beneath grounds.


Second Adventure – Hagia Sophia

-once a church; a mosque and now a museum (I totally got culture-shocked!!!)

Our tickets to Hagia Sophia


Photo Op before the crowd of tourists gets in!


Snacking on Pringles at the boulevard of Hagia Sophia


The beautiful Hagia Sophia


Cold marbles of Hagia Sophia


People just love our kids! Snippets here and there; they are loving the attention!

Third Adventure – The Grand Bazaar

-one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world; and I have to admit..we got lost in it. Kept turning corners and  coming back to the same aisle.

We bought some bowls for ourselves and my mom from this lovely man.


Nice to see only… never fancy them anyway


Authentic Turkey Carpets!


Various Evil Eyes which the kids bought many for their teachers and friends and I bought one ‘super eye’ for our future home :)


Fancy some Doner Pit-Stop with us?


Fourth Adventure - Turkuazoo

-one of the largest aquariums in Europe (CHECKED ✔)

Friendly diver knocked on the glass wanting a photo with the kids instead of the other way round. How awesome!


We took so many pictures in Turkuazoo but can’t upload so many therefore I combined a few deemed special for you!



Fifth Adventure – Bosphorus

-the boundary between Europe and Asia

Magnificent sunset view from the harbor


We took the tram across Bosphorus around noon time and walked half a kilometre all the way back to the Old City, Sultanahmet via Galata Bridge.

Watching the sunset by the Bosphorus Sea and yes it was freezing


Fishermen at Galata Bridge – this place is full of daily excitement!


The Other Adventures around Istanbul

Panda Javier wanting a ‘dondurma’ a.k.a. Turkish ice cream but the vendor playfully snatches away each time he tried to grab it


Even Joe got punked many many times


Judith got smarter after learning the ropes! SALUTE!


Somebody is having some naptastic! Purrrfect Sleep!

The very best of Turkey – Çay (only 1 Lira)

Spice Market


Judith Ann and a Friend


Searching for old castles, fortresses and towers


The beautiful Hagia Sophia at night


Night Walk at Sultanahmet Park


Joe freezing in front of Blue Mosque


Buffet of bread, meat and vegetables


Kids inside a hollow tree in the courtyard of Topkapi Palace


A view to ponder – Gülhane Park just outside Topkapi Palace


Flat Turkish Bread freshly made and baked


Regenerating after a long walk


After our long trip from Dubai – Istanbul, we finally made our way home to Malaysia. Check out the look on our kids. Totally ‘knackered and famished’!

Back in hot hot KLIA

We love you Istanbul and we would love to visit you some time again!!!

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  • Dear Yummy Mummy

    We are planning to go to Istanbul for a holiday this coming JUne. We are family with young children, age 5 and 8. Do you think it is safe to go there on our own with a free and easy schedule? Appreciate your reply and sharing.

    Ai Li

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