SeOUL Searching

After 11 years of marriage, we finally went for our honeymoon! Woot-woot!

There were many places in our adventurous mind but we chose KOREA, “The Land of the Morning Calm”.

Without hesitation with our 2+2 feet, we wandered around the city of Seoul.

These feet were made for walking

GYEONGBUKGUNG PALACE is located in Jongno-Gu

Gwanghwamun, The Main and South Gate

Heungnyemun, The Second Inner Gate

Drummer at the Changing of Guards

Gwanghwamun Royal Guards

Gyeonghoeru, The Royal Banquet Hall

I’m at the Guenjeongjeon, the Main Throne Hall of Gyeongbokgung

Geunjeongjeon, The Throne Hall

Our shadows in Gyeongbukgung

Ajeoshi painting Sujeongjeon

Changdeokgung’s SECRET GARDEN

Path to Secret Garden

Steps to secret places

Reading Pavilion

Pavilions galore in the Secret Garden or also known as ‘Biwon’

Tempted to taste these oranges on the tree.. but better not after all they are fruits of the Secret Garden

WAR MEMORIAL OF KOREA is located in Yongsan-Dong

Hubby is making sure we won’t get lost

It’s partially shady and sunny

War Statues in the Memorial Park

Statue of Brothers

Facade of the main building where rows of black marble monuments inscribed with the names of those who died during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and of policemen who died on duty

A Time to Remember

There’s no entrance fee to enter the War Memorial Museum of Korea but donations can be given

Inspector Elena! I’m inspecting the Letters of War and Confidential Documents in museum’s vault

Getting lost amidst of weapons of destruction at the outer exhibition of the War Museum

Weapons of War

BUKCHON HANOK VILLAGE – Korean Traditional Village

Alleys everywhere 

Traditional Korean Home 

Tea House in Bukchon 

View atop Bukchon Village

GANGNAM DISTRICT pronounced as ‘Kangnam’

Busy life in Gangnam


Gopchang – grilled intestines 

Korean Barbeque: lamb on metal skewers


Yoogane – the best Galbi Bokkeumbap 

Yoogane’s Menu… we were lost indeed! 

Chicken Galbi where are you?


The beautiful and calm Han River

View from the river – friends, lovers, families gather together 

Man’s Best Friend


Guess what hubby is munching on!

No.. it’s not an ice-cream potong but it’s a pineapple on a stick! Surprise? We were too!


Ajumoni making Kalguksu in Namdaemun market. It’s like our PAN MEE but on a much much more healthier side

Horrible picture of me but it’s the only picture of Kalguksu! OMIT OMIT!

This Kalguksu stall was hiding behind this rack of clothes. It’s funny that we even found this little stall. Loved it!

One can have Kalguksu feast here



Modern fixtures outside COEX Mall

Korean Traditional Dance 

COEX has complimentary art and cultural shows during weekends which attracts the young and old

MISCELLANEOUS PARTS OF KOREA that I just need to share



WALNUT BREAD – something new; something old but this has got to be the best nutty snack ever


GOGI MANDU a.k.a. dumplings are filled with minced meat, vegetables, glass noodles and seasoning


One of my favorite Korean street food. HOTTEOK per serving contains 230 calories because it is filled with brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts and cinnamon sugar. All sugary sweet packed in one palm size pouch. OUCH!


DONHOYA, Hakdong 




Stumble upon a little noodle shop after visiting one of the palaces

Cold Noodles; one of a kind in Seoul can be found around the area on the map in between the alleys of Jahamun-ro and Hyoja-ro

Cold noodles, kimchi, seaweed soup, buckwheat wraps, etc

Overall, Seoul was a great place to visit. It will be a good place to live too. We love Korea and will definitely be going back there again. Our trip was successful, fruitful and a joyous one. We would like to thank ALL that contributed towards our honeymoon; be it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thanks to JOHN HYUNG and his son that greeted us at Incheon Airport. Thank you for showing us around Gangnam and got us addicted to the many varieties of Korean food.

좋은 친구

Taking pics from the public camera on one of the pillars at the streets of Gangnam-gu

See you Seoul!

Korean Air

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