Hong Kong Once Again

Dear Diary,

It was Hong Kong once again. We will never get tired of Hong Kong as the city never sleeps. Food is practically everywhere and the most we love about is the temperature in January.

Chilly and foggy.

I’ve compiled pictures of our trip in the form of postcards so… enjoy!

We arrived on the 12th day of Christmas which was the last day, so we were very fortunate to catch the Christmas decor around Heritage 1881 and Harbour City.

A Very Belated Season Greetings Postcard!!

We also took a walk around Victoria Harbour since the view was spectacular and everyone seems to be enjoying the cold breeze.


Our trip was also of work and pleasure. We always meet up with other international exhibitors and we form a bond. We have dinners together; often chatting away what are the current markets like in terms of the old and new.

 Dinner with the Gang!


This time, we managed to stop by the goldfish market which was in Mongkok. You won’t miss it as bags of fish are hung outside the shop-lots and can be seen far away.


Hong Kong = Shopping

I mean that’s what everyone’s been telling me but I don’t agree. Shopping is not necessarily cheap in HK. There is a variety of things indefinitely. Certain things are cheaper like phone accessories, shoes, bubble jackets but not clothes. Perhaps I have different views? I only go for affordable quality stuff so if an item is super cheap but quality and comfort isn’t there.. SORRY-next stop!

Shopping Time!


We will never miss a cup of Marocchino while in Hong Kong. Holly Brown serves the best Marocchino anyone can find. It’s the ULTIMATE coffee for me.


We found a treasure! We alighted at Jordan station.. walked around alleys and found this shop which sells ‘cookies and tarts’. We decided to buy a coconut tart to try it out… then we walked back and bought another… and another and I think another.

The coconut filling was so delicious, it kinda melts in your mouth and the outer pastry is very much light and crisp. Heaven in a tart.

The following day, we actually took the train back to Jordan station again to buy more tarts. This time, we tried the Pineapple tarts and cookies. Hands down! Coconut Tart you second stole my heart.

Cookies and Tarts

Around the same area, lies a tiny modern noodle shop. We were hungry therefore we just popped into a shop and found the most adventurous ‘spice heat’ in Hong Kong.

Freaking Spicy… looks can be deceiving!


Ah our beloved Mister Softee (nowadays called ‘Mobile Softee’). This time, we spotted the white, red and blue van just next to the TST Star Ferry Pier. Yippie!

You won’t miss Mister Softee as one can hear the ‘Blue Danube’ melody being played blocks away! Brings back old memories doesn’t it? We also spotted the vans outside Kowloon Park and at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai.

Creamy + Dreamy = Mister Softee

The most affordable and yet creamy Softee in a cup. Chocolate flavor. HEART!

While we went and get our dose of Softee Ice-Cream, we stumbled upon 2 huge dogs. One is a St. Bernard mix and the other a Husky. Both were overweight or maybe the cold weather made them puffy? I would get puffy during winter too. :) Anyway they were both adorable and as usual, I presumed bigger dogs don’t like the camera.

St. Bernard mix + Siberian Husky (fat ones)


Finally before we left Hong Kong, we have another cuppa of Marocchino. This was a pleasant trip. Hong Kong, we love you and we’ll see you soon again.





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