Frankfurt Once Again!

Frankfurt! I love Frankfurt. Why? It’s Frankfurt of course. The food is different. Lots of cold cut and lots of meat; all kinds of cookies covered in chocolate. The buns… don’t get me started on the breads and buns. And the weather. Chilly cold with grey skies, the snow and OMG the wind! Brrrrrr… check out our red noses.

So Frankfurt happens every year in January. This would be my fourth trip to Germany. We took SIA and our flight to Singapore was delayed therefore we had to rushed from the gate to gate for our connecting flight. STRESS!

But, fret not. We got ourselves an express buggy which was waiting for us somewhere in the Terminal. The buggy driver was scary. Just zoomed to our gate. Security didn’t even managed to frisk us. We had to run to the plane. AMAZING RUN!

Zooooooming awayyyyyyy!!!


Are we there yet? 12+ hours…


We touched down at 6.30am… it was snowing! Bed of snow welcoming us everywhere. Psst~ Hub’s first snow and it’s quite a massive fall!

Hotel Scala


We stayed at Best Western’s Hotel Scala which was along Schafergasse. It was still too early to check in therefore we left our luggages at the reception and roamed the empty streets.

Zeil – Shopping Street


Little Girl playing in the snow


It’s getting brighter!!! Since MyZeil open its doors at 8am, we took the opportunity to use their free Wi-Fi service. My Zeil offers free Wi-Fi to the public which was a plus. After checking our work and personal emails and of course updated some Facebook postings, we headed back to our hotel which was 3 blocks away. It takes about 5-7 minutes walk to our hotel. Love the walk.

The Receptionist at Hotel Scala

Rooms weren’t ready. Cleaning lady not at work yet so we decided to have breakfast! When I say cold cuts and breads.. I mean what I say…

Yogurt, mixed fruits, nuts, cold cuts, cheese, cereals, etc


Fantastic spread…. all kinds of buns. What else do you need?


Finally, we got our room! I was suffering from a very bad migraine since the red-eye flight so I threw-up don’t know how many times, took a short nap then continued with some sightseeing before work starts tomorrow.

We headed to shopping street again but towards branded street. I’ve got a list of things to buy.. advanced orders by colleagues and friends. So… we went into Longchamp then into Louis Vuitton. Once I’m done with the tasks, we headed to the Opera House which was just around the corner.

The Opera House or also known as the Alte Oper


Winter drying trees in the park


Snow covered path… thank God for the blue sky


We wandered around and found ourselves near a lake. A frozen one at least or perhaps half frozen. I was feeling too adventurous. So, I lowered my leg into the lake then SsssZZZiiiiiii – > CRACK!

Yup! Not entirely frozen at all. Hubby was shaking his head in dismay of what I did. Haha!



It really does look frozen right?




This is the only tree with greens during winter


Brrr… it was freezing! Checkout the flight of birds at the back!


Hungry… and freshly baked fries was number one on the mighty list!

Hubby is savoring on the freshly baked fries! It was delicious and steaming for winter!


As we walked back to our hotel, we took a shortcut or tried to take one and eventually found a beautiful old church which was situated just before the hotel.

We couldn’t find the name of this old church. It does look a bit creepy because of the dull skies but it’s still beautiful and nevertheless historical


The next day after setting up our exhibits at Messe, we took a train and had the walk of our lives looking for the DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Museum. After overjoying from finding the place and being rejected because we didn’t make an appointment for tours in English, we moved along and took shelter in a deli which serves really good sandwiches, salads and coffee. Hmm YUM. What’s winter without a hot cuppa? This place was truly our savior.

Serving the best for the best~


On the last day of exhibition, we took a walk around Romer and Zeil area with Mr Paul Turk. We went into numeral shops, gazed at the windows with its expensive displays, picked and prodded some wooden items, tossed and turned some plates and arrived in Kleinmarkthalle.

Anything that you see here is everything that you want (I want!)


It was an indoor wet market and you can get everything and anything here from clothes to plants to poultry to greens to pickled fruits to stingy fish to chocolates to herbs to sushi bar. We were glad to find this interesting place as we found the best coffee in town and it was confirmed by a guy who so happens to be local; ordering his coffee and speaks perfect English!

Coffee Stop


Frankfurt left us with many memories… snowy ones and I left something in Frankfurt too. My poor boots which is my favorite pair who has been with me since 2009. Poor baby. You lived long enough and travelled far across the world. It’s time to let you go and I still miss you. I’ll never get a replacement like you.

My First Boots… truly missed

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