Hello NYC!!!

I never thought that I would go to NYC but this was a chance of a lifetime and I’m looking forward to visit again.

Visiting a place once is never enough unless it brings you bad memories and horror experience but there’s always light in the dark. Moreover NYC is also known as:-

  • The City That Never Sleeps
  • The Big Apple
  • The Crossroads of the World

So the journey to NYC was LONG. We flew with Emirates with a total of 24 flight hours including 4 hours of transiting in Dubai (back and forth meaning 48 hours – Ohhh.Emm.Gyyyyyy.)

Hogging NERO Cafe for 4 hours

This trip was for business cum pleasure once again so I’m gonna start with WORK!

We exhibited in the New York Stationery Fair (NSS) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre. We got an upgraded corner booth thanks to GLM.

WRITEBEST Products on Display!


That’s Ralph from Great American Products, Texas with Jake


Jake and Me with Cinnamon Joe’s representatives (Paul, Andrea and Jennifer)


So with all the places that’s on our list, our main transporter was our two feet and the subway.

Subway on the 42nd Street

Our first stop was Times Square where our apartment is just 2 blocks away. We headed there right after we touched down + some sleep. I was a walking zombie but the lights mesmerized me and soon I was kinda like a little girl in Disneyland!

Crowd Mania in Times Square

Abundance of Broadway Musicals… this is Disneyland for me! Check out Joe Jonas poster.


Freedom of Speech is practiced almost everywhere


She almost killed me..literally with a heart attack when she marched towards me with her sword


Our second stop was the 9/11 Memorial. This was in my todo list. One could never imagine the impact of visiting this place and the people who are living here. Being at the Memorial site itself is emotional enough for me. Just the serenity of the place, the waterfall, the names of those that perished that day, the tress and surroundings which visitors kept at peace.

Ticket Price: Free with limited spaces but a ‘Support Box’ is available for sincere donations :)

It’s a ‘Serene Certainty’


Thirdly, we went to Top of The Rock Observation Deck which is situated at the Rockefeller Center. And no, we did not go to the Empire State Building because we want to see the Empire State Building with all its glory. Check out the green sea of Central Park.

Ticket Price: USD$25.00/person


Guess what! We also watched WICKED, a broadway musical. It was like a dream come true for both of us. We love everything about musical. WICKED is about ‘pre-Wizard of OZ’….there’s Elphaba and Glinda…the wizard…OWH just click ME

 Ticket Price: USD$141.25/person


Next stop was Statue of Liberty where we took a ferry across to Liberty Island. Liberty’s crown was under construction therefore the area was restricted. However, it was still amazing to see Liberty in person. She’s very beautiful indeed. Thank goodness the sky was clear and we got there just when the sun was strikingly rich!

Ticket Price: USD$17.00/person


We also went to Fifth Avenue to have a look at shopaholics. Shoppers with bags after bags were everywhere. I had bags too but I can count them.

Tiffany & Co.

Louis Vuitton seems shadeeeee….


We also managed to stop by FAO Schwarz which was recommended by my best friend, Eirene.

Kinda like Hamleys but this is the ultimate Toy Emporium filled with history. Opened since 1862 by the Schwarz brothers featuring one-of-a-kind toys from all over the world

My New York Townhouse in FAO Schwarz, my dream home in Manhattan costs $650.00

And here is the proposed interior,

3-storey high, compact space with plenty of sunlight. LOL


And then…. there was the food. Portions were massive hence the price but it was well worth-it.

Food Mosaic


1. Burgers were everywhere and they were exceptionally huge with even bigger box of fries

2. Bacon breakfast came with 3 eggs and mountains of potato wedges

3. Each pancake came in the size of my face and I had 3 face-sized pancakes to gulped

4. Tuna wraps were amazingly tasty with fresh rocket leaves

5. Best ever Lemon Iced Yogurt Loaf which I can’t find anywhere else

6. Stir-fry rice with a choice of meat, sauce and 3 kinds of vegetables

7. Burger with bacon comes with sweet potato fries

8. Best chocolate milkshake ever; 1 cup is never enough


To try No. 7. and 8., please head to Westway Diner along 9th Avenue. You won’t missed the place.


To conclude this wonderful journey, need I say… NYC is a great place to visit but it won’t be my kind of place to stay. I would prefer somewhere homey, not so bustling and where the heart is.

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