First Family Trip to Hong Kong

Last year in April, we went for our very own family trip to Hong Kong. We have planned this trip in advance and were very excited for the kids. This was also Javier’s first flying experience.
We planned a few ‘new experiences’ for the kids and for us as well. After-all, we are still kids at heart.

We travelled with Cathay Pacific and as this was our first trip together, the boarding experience wasn’t very good at all. There weren’t any priority announcements made for family with young children. We actually had to maneuver our way to the front and asked for boarding. And the worst part of all was the delay. We were delayed from 15mins – 30mins – 45 minutes – almost an hour.

First bad experience with Cathay; imagine our kids being from excited to restless!!!

Where is the boarding announcement?

Since there were five of us, we definitely had to split up the seatings. While Jake sat with Joe and Judith, Javier sat with me.

Taking turns by the window sill



Once we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport (Chep Lap Kok), we boarded the Airport Express Train to Kowloon Station and took the complimentary bus ride to our hotel.

I love Hong Kong’s transport management where they are linked to one another. Thus it is easier to travel around even with kids and luggages.

Riding through the busy streets of Kowloon

And then, the adventure starts!!!

First ferry ride – total excitement!

Travelatoring from subway to subway

Taking the subway responsibly. I’m so proud of them.

And we are on our way to DISNEYLAND!

Special coach to Disneyland Hong Kong from Sunny Bay station via the Disneyland Resort Line!

Our ticket to the KINGDOM

Yes, Mr Walt. We are here!

 And… let the PARADE begin!


It’s a Small World After All

Next stop is… Victoria Peak @ The Peak

They were definitely blown away!


The YONGs go marching 1 by 1; hurrah hurrah

We were expecting to view Hong Kong from the peak but all we saw was….

Somewhere out there; beneath the fogginess, skyscrapers highlighting the city


We also made a short trip to Ma Wan Island where Noah’s Ark is situated. Ma Wan Island is an eco-island therefore vehicles are restricted to enter. Only the Park Island bus is permitted. Therefore, to get to the island, we had to take a ferry from Central which takes about half an hour.

It was a bumpy ride.

Our favorite stop was Hong Kong’s McDonald. We love the ice-cream flavors they have in Hong Kong. They are different from what we have in Malaysia. Though it’s pricier; the portion is big and hence the worthiness.


And we never fail to enjoy a cuppa at Holly Brown Cafe. Their Marocchino is the best.

Marocchino Lover

After spending 5 chilly days in Hong Kong, we head back to hot hot KL. Overall, Hong Kong is a great place for young kids. I’m sure we will be back again in the future. Perhaps, a trip to Ocean Park and to Ngong Ping.

 Goodbye, Hong Kong. See you again!

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