Blog Updates Coming Up!

Hi guys, sorry to keep you all waiting.

Finally my blog is fixed. There was a bug living in my blog it has been captured and relocated somewhere. :p

I’m currently in Hong Kong for an exhibition so no updates will be done yet. But I’ll try to chip in mobile updates which I have yet to try..tempting-LAH!

This year onwards, I will either write less with more photos or write more with less photos.

So I guess one will know if the updates were more photos and less yapping it would be mobile uploads and vice versa.

Either way, my blog is staying alive. So, what’s next?

I’m hoping to include last year’s Hong Kong Family Trip which was our first time in Disneyland (first for the kids, me and Jake too!).. next would probably be our New York Trip which was FABulous and last but not least would be Our Honeymoon in Korea!

Oh dear looks like there would be plenty of updates in the beginning of 2013! Just hope I have time to upload those photos (archived somewhere already).

Just come back and check my blog again!

Peace and Out from Land of Opportunity -> Hong Kong

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