FRANK-ly & FURT-ively

It’s another day of flying but this is a long flight but thank goodness we are transiting in DXB. Hoo-ray you’ll know why later. We are off to Frankfurt again for the Paperworld Show which will be held in Messe Frankfurt. This is Hub’s first Frankfurt trip and I just now he’s going to love it. It’s cold cut food every Morgen, BABY!


Aaahhhh my love for caffeine has no country-boundaries. I can only find NERO in Dubai Airport which I have to have a cuppa each time I transit there.

Hot Boiling Soup

Never have I ever loved sizzling, boiling, bubbling hot soup ever. Back at home, I never like my soup that spiking hot but this hotness proved a big deal for chilly days. I had ‘goulash’ the tomato based soup whereas Hubs had.. HMM I don’t remember :p

Snow White

This year, I didn’t encounter much snow. The most snow I had ever laid in was in Slovenia. Bountiful of white scenery!

The place we stayed is near The Zeil; a.k.a. shopping street which I don’t make use of. I just love being at The Zeil.

Part of MyZeil

My Daily Grocery Place, 'Galeria Kaufhof'

Trenchilly in Effect

Hubby’s first winter was windy… KAKAKAK


Chilly… my hands are numbed, cheeks are harden and lips are pursed -> free BOTOX (gud)

Schnitzel with Baby Pots, Lemon and Mint Sour Cream Sauce

Craving for something fried but not utterly wholesomely fried. I love the baby pots though!

I think this was the Frankfurt Plate

To me, it looks like different kind of meat chunks in a platter; ham, sausages, pork belly, wieners, etc. Oooo plus mustard of course!

Beef Carpachhio

My first experience of Beef Carpachhio didn’t went too well. I had half and the remaining portion, I switched with Hubs. Lol! But I love the rocket though. They are fresh and kindy minty in a way.

Asian Food in Frankfurt?

It’s not easy to find taste Asian Food in Germany but we managed to walked into one which is just near the hotel we called HOME for a few days. It’s in one of the alley of Zeil and we went there a couple times because it’s not only good but affordable too. See the dishes above? It didn’t went over EURO25 for both of us; and that’s a catch!

Kaktusfeige - My FAV Beer

Kaktusfeige is my staple drink in Frankfurt. Morning, noon and night. Cheaper than H2O itself and it keeps me warm. I miss you, ‘Kaktusfeige’.






Let me introduce to you to ZUM BITBURGER

Special Menu of the Week

Table with a View

Left is owner Andreas (Andrew), to the Right is Beer-Master?

Gloves Off; Time for….


So fresh it’s bubbling to the top.. WHEEEEE!

Best EVA Corn Soup

So delicious, Jake and I had to spoon-fight for it. Next time, we will order 2!

OMG check out that poached chicken

Everything was amazing on this dish. The potatoes, the poached chicken which was voluptuously meaty and juicy and poppy. And, no they are not fish fillet though they look like one and the spinach was a nice portion and the sauce was marvelous.

Hub’s Platter is always abundance of protein

Again, I don’t remember what Hub had but it was yummy too because I curi makan his dish. The erm… ‘soft serve’ potato was one of a kind.

So, we truly recommend to come and try this amazing place. Address is:

Zum Bitburger Frankfurt, Hochstraße 54, 60313 Frankfurt

How to get there? I don’t know how to explain but when you see the building below, turn right!

“Oper Frankfurt”

Psst…. pass by the row of branded shops like FERRAGAMO, LV, PRADA, GUCCI, COACH, LONGCHAMP, etc I don’t know what else is there then you’ll find the opera house.

Goodbye Frankfurt; see you 2013

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