Birthday Boy: Enrique

ENRIQUE’s birthday was around the corner but we knew we won’t be around on the day itself so we had an early birthday treat for him! Nothing special just dinner and a surprise catch of the day. Dinner was nowhere to be seen; as usual-fungry people like us! It was a rainy evening. Therefore, when our food arrived, we gobbled them down and ordered more food and they were gone too. I only managed to capture the catch of the day which was special made cupcakes. And the theme was, LIVERPOOL“!

Yes, Enrique. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE! Anyway, we know you were really surprised with the cupcakes. I went to commando mode trying to hide them. I protected them so they would make a grand entrance; which they did. I hope you had a great birthday-DAY and may this year be filled with wonderful and exciting experiences and GO LIVERPOOL!

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