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Didn't finish school (that was a bummer).
Got married at 16 to a wonderful and loving hubby (Jake).
Blessed with 3 hyperactive kids (Joe, Judith and Javier).
Getting used to a full-time job (half of the time my mind is somewhere else).
I love coffee (it's an everyday commitment).
I can't do without reading (if there isn't anything to do I can finish a book in less than a day).
Gawd, I missed blogging (which sounds impossible since I've started working).
I crave for online shopping (this happens during work when I need to refresh my mind and eyes off work) but I always make sure I've finished my tasks.
Most definitely need more chilling at times (i suffer from migraine attacks and sometimes i feel depressed-but i haven't have the thought of doing something stupid; not just yet).

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