My 27th!

This year, I had a very simple 27th birthday! Oh dear! I’m 27 a.k.a. Twenty-Seven! Time sure flies. A minute ago, I clearly remember I was 21. HMM..

Anyway, it’s great that dear family and friends remember my birth date.

FB, you suck! :p

2 Red Eggs to mark my 27th – from Embak

Mee Suah; also a gift from Embak; THE HELP

Touched by My Angels

Apparently I am a Butterfly, Jake is a Scorpion, Joe is a Snail, Judith is an Ant and Javier himself is a Grasshopper!

I’m fluttering…. WEEEE

A Gift from Hubs

New Set of Eyes for better vision; but I thought LOVE was blind?

Sister Knows Best + Kevin

edc Skinny Belt a.k.a. always wanted one

Nude Oil a.k.a. desperate help for certain areas

Missoni Tote a.k.a. another shopping bag

*One more prez is missing; it’s Benefit’s POREfessional; sorry already open and used!

Gift from ‘Sai-Ku-Zhai’

My first and very own Bobbi Brown eye palette. Muahaha!

It’s an Acorn!

My first Thomas Sabo Charm for the year 2012! Thank you Miss A, ‘YOU’ know who you are! *oo*

A gift from CC and her other half

Apparently she told me the Red Shoe charm from TS means ‘Stay Red Hot & Sexy!’

My answer to you, “I’m trying my best”!

High-Waist Belt from Starr and Josephine

My search for a black high-waist belt came to an end! Always wanted to get one but never got it till now!

Both of you beat me to it which is wonderful!

A beary gift from Siti!

A present from Siti! 2 presents actually! The other is a wooden musical box which I have kept! So thoughtful of dear Siti!

THERMOS cafe from Ed and Steph – HUGS~

I’ve always wanted a THERMOS to keep my beverage warm. Alas! Got one and it sure made my coffee stay warm throughout the day!

It’s brewing in the Thermos!

Definitely smoking hot!

A Triple Meaning TS Charm from my parents

My parents gave a red packet for my birthday and I took part of the money to get myself a charm which represents them to me.

The cross stands for FAITH, the heart  stands for LOVE & CHARITY and lastly the anchor stands for HOPE.

Ice-Cream Cake

My first ice-cream cake and is definitely from Baskin Robbins… where else?

Many thanks to my FIL!

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

And the benefits are: Socially, Mentally, Emotionally, Monetarily, Politically,  but excludes all hanky-panky.

Thanks to SPONG for the dinner and ENRIQUE for the huge cake which 3 of you ate half!

Last but not least, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for making my days livelier and better, THANKS for the gifts, the food, the cake, the wishes and LOVE.

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