Christmas came and go;

Like the winter befriends the snow.

Good times are planted and sowed,

Pretty lights adorn the X’mas tree and glow.

What a wonderful day to share;

The love, the gifts and care.

All things beautiful and fair;

It’s a time to give and bear.

Family and friends united over food;

Too much of wine is never good.

Lets get together like fire and wood;

Blows in and out, gives one a boot!

I received gifts from young and old;

Pretty little things that I can hold.

Never ask for more; I’ve been told.

Feel for those who are alone in the cold.

Below are the gifts I received from dear ones…in non-favorably order whatsoever. So, check em’ out!

Parker Joy - Hubs

3 New Cardi's for Silent Nights - Mom & Dad

Santa's Brown-tastic Belt - Sis

My Jolly Inspirational Token - Ed & Steph

Shoe-gary Sweet Pumps - FIL

Merry Cream-mas - Cecilia

Tis' The Season to Be Chainy - Nancy

Let it Snow with Bears and Danglers - Starr & Jo

So Chrismas goes and comes the New Year

Plenty of  going-on far and near

Lets flash back the past and hold whats dear

Move on my friends,  relax and have a beer!

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