I’ll Be Hiding Behind My Desk (4-awhile)


Just to let all of you know that my blog will be temporary shut tight.
Just for a few months until I get my bearings right.
This time, work has taken its toll on me.
This time I’m waving the white flag, you see.

But I don’t think I’ll leave my poor blog to rest,
You’ll never know what’s coming I couldn’t guess
Mom keeps telling me God is giving me a test,
She said, ‘We are the KWOKs’ we do all our best!’

There’s too much work too little time to play,
There’s too much stress not wanting to go away,
New work, new levels, new strategies,
New is the now, old are enemies.

More to think about each and everyday
More deceiving people with hearts of clay
Less time to ponder the dreams I have
No one to tell, pretending to be deaf

Stuck in between which has always been
Stuck in the middle, need a shoulder to lean
Hoping for miracles to come along
Gotta take a stand, gotta feel belonged

Missing what I love to do is far beyond
Sometimes I wish everything would begone
What’s there to wish if there’s no hope
So just move along, just gotta cope

Every end born a new beginning
Every path I take is worth considering
I might fall but will never fail
Because I know I’ve tried, I never bail

Love overcomes all things impossible
Love deceives all that are vulnerable
Love is around when you are dependable
Love is real if you are capable

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