The 52km Challenge

Event: OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2011

Venue: Dataran Merdeka

Date: 16th October 2011

Time: 6.30am onwards

Hub registered for the OCBC Cycle Malaysia almost a month earlier. It was his first race. I wasn’t sure if it was a competitive race or not because there were lots of going on with the main sponsors and the event organizers. Hub woke up at 3.45am and I got up at 4am and I was pretty groggy. The day was still young but Judith and Javier managed to wake up and joined us.

My mind was like this picture... blur and groggy

It was dark but bright at the same time!

And it changes colour which was beautiful too!

Anyway, cyclists were required to be at venue 1 ½ hours earlier but we arrived at Dataran Merdeka at 5.15am. I was accompanied by Judith and Javier while Joe decided to have his beauty sleep. I was on camera duty and the battery was drying out which was GREAT! Less pictures for me to snapped.

I 'curi-curi tangkap gambar'! Not bad eh?

6032 - the number to look out for

Hubs cycling friends came a bit later as they were busy taking pictures of themselves. They just couldn’t stop!

You see what I mean, right?

Hubs - Joseph - Carrine - Ooi

Hubs - Alan - Freddy - David - Martin - Ooi - Carrine - Joseph

At about 6am, Hub went to the front line to get ready for the take off. Kiddos and I search high and low for a better view but given the limited space for spectators, we happily parked ourselves just after the starting line.

It was pretty dark as you can see in the picture so I couldn’t spot Hubby. He IM me saying he’s in the middle of the front line which took me awhile to find him.

Erm... where are you Hubs?

The race was supposed to start on the dot at 6.30am. The emcee announced it numerous times through the many speakers at the field but none at the start site. Haha!

Plus we were waiting right in front of the clock tower. We were staring straight at the minute hand knowing it’s at half pass six and the horn will blow anytime soon.

Waited… hmm and we waited. The waiting got the cyclists aggravated and us as spectators, anxious for the horn to blow.

Even Javier made it clear saying, ‘Why not starting? They bluff one! Where’s the horn?’ This humored me and a few ladies in waiting.

Then at about 6.36am, the horn blared, ‘PEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK’. Oh well!

Where are they???

The race consists of 5 laps around KL. Each lap is about 10.4km and I timed Hubs took about 20 minutes per lap.

There were 3 lanes which were the START, LAP and FINISH. We were standing by the cordoned area of START. LAP lane was in the middle and FINISH lane was all the way at the end. I thought I could snap a FINISH photo of Hubs, but because it was cordoned off for VIPs, MEDIAs, and MEDICAL, I just had to settle with blur and unfocused pictures. Oh well!

Thank goodness Hubs didn’t wear the jerseys by OCBC because if he did, it would be hard to spot him. He wore his LIVESTRONG jersey which was yellow, white and black.

There were a few cyclists with yellow jerseys too but nothing with the same design. We even spotted The Smurf Team jerseys. LOL!

There was a team with checkered jerseys, some with polka dots and probably the easily spotted lime green jersey fella!

I guess a lot of the jerseys didn’t fit many of the cyclists. I heard the fit isn’t right with the size; the sizes given are of not the requested. Oh well!

You see what I mean? There he goes!

We managed to spot Hubs or should I say he made himself spotted to us during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last laps.

During the 4th lap, he was unspotted. Probably I was busy spotting other cyclists thinking it was Hubs or I was spotting The Smurf Team. I wanted to call out, ‘Go SMURFS!’

I didn’t get to take many pictures of Hubs during the laps as he was too fast for me to capture. I was like, ‘There’s DADDY!’ and there goes the picture opportunity. Oh well!

Back to the race! You may find Hubs time score below.

He rode.... and he scores!!!

The Pictures below are not from my point of view. They are from good Samaritans who just happened to love photography. Without your service, I wouldn’t have a single picture of Hubs during the race. Thank you.

Caught him with his tongue sticking out!

Aerodynamics & Wind Resistance

He was proud of himself and I am too. I’m sure many were! He did great. He managed to finish the race. I think about 70% didn’t finish the race due to complications. We blame the organizers; the organizers blame on something else.

Who’s not doing their job knowing it’s a planned event? Oh well!

That's 1 Flat Castle

After the race, Hubs was nowhere to be seen and I found out he was stuck somewhere so the kids spotted a flat castle. But before that, they just have to order 2 drinks and 2 Soaking Teds from the 1901 stall nearby. So, while they leave their newly bought food and drinks with me, I had to juggle my handbag, their bag pack, and their jackets. It’s a miracle that I managed to snap a picture of them on the bouncing castle!

Inflated & Delighted... bounce bounce

He got a medal for completing the race. YAY! Well at least he got a memento to remember The Challenge of 52km. This is only his first race. There will be many more to come and hopefully, I get a part in all of them!

The Medal of Completion

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