I’ve been SNUPPED

Have you ever heard of Snupped? Well, if you are arching your eyebrows then just go ahead and click on any Snupped you see or if you’re lazy to open a new tab, just read along and I will pin-point you a little bit about Snupped and the brain(S) behind it!


  • Believe or not, it was founded by 2 guys; Bryan and Darcy


  • Snupped is the world’s first company that allows you to custom create your very own gadget cases online


  • In 2008, Singapore


  • Bryan couldn’t find a perfect sleeve for his laptop so he created one then the creativity started and here they are!


  • tailored to fit = custom case
  • made to order = one of a kind
  • hand made = LOVE

I bought the first Snupped in 2008 when Snupped was still a baby. I customized a laptop zipper sleeve for my sister for her 29th Birthday. You may read all about it. Just click on the link below:

Elaine’s 29th Birthday

So, 3 years later I got my very own Snupped. And it was Snupped-ingly great! I chose my own print, own inner design, stated my gadget, made payment and waited for my Snupped to arrive. It took 25 days to reach me (felt like forever-and yes I counted). So, check out my Snupped casing for my Kindle.

Pretty HUH? Go get one for yourself today. Be it for your hand phone, laptop, camera, hard disk, e-reader or whatever gadgets that you have.

It fits perfectly and in the future, I might do a little pimping on my casing. My Kindle tends to slide out of the casing easily these days because I read my Kindle so often that the going in and out of the gadget made the casing less fitted than before. But, I still love my Snupped casing. Stay tuned for the pimping action!

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