Javier’s Yellow Card

Javier got his report card recently. His results was way beyond my expectation which was great! They are mostly As’ and Bs’ as you can see. And yeah, there’s a ‘C’ there but as the saying goes; “Easy as ABC” so the ‘C has got to make it’s point somewhere!

He got a ‘C’ in Mandarin reading but it’s better than me as I can’t read any except for a few and probably my name. But the headmistress said he wouldn’t be of any problem since he isn’t furthering his studies in a Chinese Medium School so there’s nothing to worry.

The Big Yellow Card (Javier’s favorite color)

Javier did well and he didn’t even ask for a reward but I am going to get him something that he wants. So stay around and look for updates on his reward!!!

“I don’t have expectations. Expectations in your life just lead to giant disappointments.” - Michael Landon

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