Un Cadeau de Paris

Ma maman et le papa

got me a gift from PARIS and I super love it. It’s a


TADA! La marque est ‘Lamarthe’.

I’ve always wanted to get a new wallet. My poor Fossil wallet is tearing apart and the zip compartment has transformed into receipts slot. I’m still using it though. It was a gift from hubby bout 4 years ago. It is still one of my favorite keepsakes. I tried looking for a new wallet. Went to Fossil few months back and got shocked with the price. RM369 for pleather and the compartments were limited. Whatever happen to real leather these days???

So ‘vieux’ but still so pretty. What I like about Fossil products are its authenticity.

Since I got a new portefeuille from 2 of my favorite people in the world, I’m so happy and delighted. I don’t know when I’m going to start using it. ‘Ma maman’ called me 2 days ago and asked if I have started using it; to which I replied, ‘NO! Want to blog about it first!’. Cherishing it before usage but better start using it before it peels like the wallet that ‘ma maman et papa’ bought for me from Australia. Total loss and it was made of kangaroo skin. Finders keepers but nonusers losers! Aiks! Don’t want that to happen again.

I love my portefeuille because it is dark brown, mahogany to be exact. I love the color brown, do you know that? Anyway, I love earthy tones. It brings me back to nature.

Can you smell the ‘cuir‘? It’s ‘authentique cuir’ for sure! I’m so gonna’ use it very soon!

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