A Trip to The Dentist

Javier’s first visit to the dentist turned out to be a success. He was nervous at first but nevertheless gave in after the dentist calmed him down by explaining to him the functions of her every gadget. She even gave him a big sunnies to protect his eyes from the bright light and water splashes and it’s yellow, his favorite color.

Joe and Judith visited the dentist too but they only went for a consultation and blimey. My 2 kids need braces which will cost me RM8K. I think I need a loan. Dentist loan?

Anyway, Javier had 2 fillings to cover up the holes in his back teeth. He was fidgeting in his seat when the process started but who wouldn’t upon hearing the screeching sound coming out from the high speed air driven dental drill and also the SssSSSS sound that produces from the saliva injector that sucks out excessive saliva during procedures. Urrghhh… I don’t really like going to the dentist either since the school dentist and nurse chipped my front tooth in secondary school. I should have sued her for negligence.

But that was the past, so no hard feelings. If only I knew, I could have asked her to get me a braces in return of not suing her. Haha!

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