Me on Mother’s Day

So… what was your Mother’s Day like? Mine lasted a whole long day! From morning till night! Well, it started the day before actually because Javier couldn’t wait to present me his crafty paper bouquet of flowers which he made in kindy with the help of his teacher. It’s one of a kind thing and something I’ve never seen before. I am so proud of him!

Soon… this bouquet of flowers will be adorning my office table

Then there is Judith’s card that came a day late with plenty of drawings and words but nevertheless it’s the thought that counts! Who says Mother’s Day should occur only once a year? Mother’s Day could be any other day. I receive cards from my children time to time until there’s no space for me to display them, let alone keep them in one place.

It looks like I have another bouquet of flowers, some presents, a book, a box of chocolates and some sweets!!!

I’m sure some of you are wondering what about Joe? What did he come up with this year? Well, this year Joe didn’t make me anything but he promised he would; and if he remembers. Haha! He is such a great boy with vast imagination and often fill me with general knowledge on insects, mammals and everything Science.

And……for this year on Mother’s Day, I received a gift from Hubby. He got me a KINDLE!!! Yay! This is something that I really need. Gone are the days where I have to find a place to stack my books which end up collecting dust. I have tried selling them but it seems people nowadays prefer brand new ones. I’ve bought myself a couple of second and third hand books and I guess they are of no value now. They could be fifth hand, who knows!!!!

Ahhhh my very own Kindle.


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