Major Dubai Upload


Dubai was a beautiful place. I would love to go back there for the FOOD but I wasn’t fond getting driven by crazy cabbies. Somehow, I find Malaysian drivers are quite polite.

We’ve taken quite a number of pictures of the sand, the skyscrapers, the food and most importantly, the scenery.

The interior of  Wafi Mall

The Pyramid

The Horus

We are very serious when we choose our dish for lunch

Noodle Factory Menu which is simplified.. and yes the prices can be a little notch higher

Jake’s Yaki Udon with Lemongrass Chicken & Tiger Prawns

Elaine’s Korean Kimchi with Grilled Beef

And… my Singapore seafood laksa in coconut curry broth

(so, we’ve got Japanese, Korean and Singaporean)

The view from Noodle Factory

Nice to see only :)

Please find Jake’s masterpiece below.. this picture looks so real and yet it looks like pastel art drawing

Taken at the junction near Dry Docks

(it was man-made to look like part of the docks)

The Burj Khalifa

The musical fountain

Candylicious attracted both the young and the old

At The Top is where we shall go

Security Check

Dubai strives for inspiration and it really gave me some. Thank you!

We were lucky enough to buy the tickets on-line early. It was sold out on the day we went.

View from The Top but we weren’t exactly at the top. I would probably go weak in my knees if I was on top of the world

There’s still a long way to go…

Pricey souvenirs

The names of People who contributed to Burj Khalifa, both physically and mentally

Our amazing view from Novotel, World Trade Centre

Dow Cruise (Dinner + Sightseeing)

It was COLD…..wind blowing cold air.. shivers

DHS 1 to cross the river using this mode of transport

The many skyscrapers of Dubai.. I just love the building designs

SALMONTINI –  fine dining (Elena-jakun)

Classy decor

It was snowing inside Mall of Emirates :p

Even the utensils are scaled

I really loved the lemonade with mint leaves

The best seafood soup or should I say broth… EVER!

(can you spot the chunky salmon, tuna and mackerel and dory?)

My dish which was Salmon with couscous and spicy Harissa sauce

(eventually, I surrendered cause I found out I’m not a fan of couscous)

Jake’s Duck with Risotto which was cooked to ‘perfecto’ @ ‘al-dante’

(which eventually became my dish and I would prefer risotto over couscous)

OMG… Fudge Sundae = Paradise

This is the cafe’ for the wealthy.. they rest and have a cuppa and we enjoy the view

Guess what branded stores are these below:

ANSWERS: Top: DIOR, Middle: GUCCI, Bottom: Louis Vuitton

What a fantastic wrap! Bread with mint leaves, bay leaves, goats’ cheese, pickled and condiments

Mixed Skewers

FYI, Sephora will be opening at Starhill Gallery soon! Be sure not to missed it!

On our way to The Palm

Pictures below are of Atlantis, The Palm

For our last day in Dubai, we went for Desert Safari

Dining Area

There were performances too by the locals; belly dancing, fire show, etc.


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  • Mummy, Love the shots from Dubai! How’s baby? Would love to pub an article featuring you (and just how a mummy can be as yummy as you, slip away and travel too).


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