Frankfurt Once More

OH yeah… it’s been some time since I’ve halted on blogging. There were so much going through my mind and life that for a minute there; well probably for days, I thought my blog would be shutting down.
There’s just not enough time for me to sit down in front of my lappie and blog; let alone cropping pics and resizing them. I’m leaving for another exhibition later today and finally, I have the time to sit here and start typing (sorry didn’t managed to post them before I left for KLIA -  so this is a week due).
In between packing and tidying, I found the time to re-size some pictures of Frankfurt. Forgive me, I did not fair well in beautifying them. Besides, there were only a few. There’s not much of Frankfurt these days that wowed me besides the food and the cold weather I have to endure.

Anyways, just a short description with ‘points’ of the days I spent in Frankfurt.

  • COLD
  • DRY
  • FOOD

There you go… COLD is for the weather. DRY is also for the weather as it was sooo cold that our skin dried up pretty much till it was flaky. Yuck! I know! Therefore, we got ourselves Nivea’s SOS Therapy which cannot be found here :p. And then there was FOOD which was yummy at times, bland at times and what’s with the big portions? CASTLES…seriously, Elaine loves castles. Everywhere she goes, she has to visit a castle. No matter a town away, how high we got to climb, she must visit a castle. By the way, she’s looking for castles with existing bedrooms. She wants to witness how does the bedroom of a medieval era looked like.  For me, I enjoy looking through the ruins and its structure. Now, that fascinates me. And then, there’s INFECTION. Urrgh.. I was actually having coughs and sore-throat while flying. So with the air pressure + the altitude, I googled and found out I was having ‘Otitis Media’. It sounds resonating but I actually thought I was going deaf in one ear. So, I visited the ER, got my consultation, prescription and that’s it. Don’t worry, I’m all fine now. The reason of Frankfurt visit is of course for the PAPERWORLD exhibition. This year our booth was slightly bigger  – YAY! ACCESSORIZE… omg so many Accessorize shops in Frankfurt. I got myself a beautiful necklace and Judith plenty of girly stuff and of course souvenirs for family members. After getting used to the cold weather in Frankfurt, it was time to fly back to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived the night before CNY so it was kinda rush. Then, that’s where the JET-LAGGED comes in. That’s my description of Frankfurt. Photos are below:-


Funicular is coming!!!

The famous Dr Muller a.k.a. Erotic Shop

Our networking dinner at Messe Frankfurt

My favourite drink of all time in Frankfurt, KAKTUSFEIGE

My Breakfast

Lurve these eggs

Yup.. this was the URGENTNA I mentioned

The handwriting isn’t easy to read…

My inflamed ear with antibiotic cotton stuffed into my ear

Our booth before and after


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