Testing! Testing 1-2-3!

Hi guys! As you can see my blog hasn’t been updated yet. YES! I’m away again but time this I’m really away from my country. I’m in Slovenia now. I was in Dublin a few days ago. Next few days, I’ll be off again to Frankfurt.

All the above, for pleasure and work. Probably there would be more pleasure if it wasn’t that cold. It’s winter and everyday it’s below 2′C.

It’s potatoes from Dublin to Slovenia and I know i’ll be having pots as well when in Frankfurt. Hopefully the weather will be a good friend of mine. It’s partly snowing in Slov now. I had some Slov food today and some were of my taste and some weren’t.

Anyway I’ve taken quite a number of pictures. I will upload them later and I bet that would take some time as the Chinese New Year is coming and I only will touched down KLIA on the night of reunion dinner. But it’s still before the day itself so…. YIPPEE!

So I’ll be back soon. I miss you, my dear hubby, I miss you, Joe, Judith and little Javier. I miss my bed. I miss the place I call home and everything in it except for Elaine, because she’s with me.

Have a nice week ahead and a nice weekend along.

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