Deck The Days With….busyness?

Hi guys. I know I’ve been in and out of blogging. I shocked myself looking at my very own blog calendar. Oh dear me! I had only posted one post for the month of December! So sorry to readers who visited my blog and found nothing new!

Since Christmas has come and still hasn’t go; the New Year’s coming right up and school break ends, I”m gonna’ be a busy working mommy once again. Hopefully and I’m crossing my fingers, that I will still have time to leave updates here.

The next update will definitely be the Christmases Day I had and the one I missed! Until then, I’ll leave you with a short poem that I’ve improvised throughout the days between work, bed-time, and free time.

Christmas has come and go, New Year’s still at dusk
Hope you guys enjoyed yours, hope they were a blast
What a wonderful year, the year 2010 that has passed
Hello 2011, we’ve long waited for you at last

Bad days we have encountered
Good days we have pleasured
There are many more days un-assured
So be prepared, equipped and geared

Whatever that you have lost
Be glad to let go of the woes
Friends and families we love most
Appreciate them, dun let them on a noose

A New Year with a new beginning
With daily resolutions not over empowering
A simple life worth every penny living
With love and care utmost perfecting

Political issues arises here and there
Both at home and in office elsewhere
Why not close one eye and lend an ear
Because forgive and forget saves a tear

Problem arises each every day
Mostly simple, a few stuck in hay
There’s no backward, no turning away
So live fully, work hard and spend some time to play

Lets go forward and see what the day brings
Nothing comes easy, money doesn’t make you king
Lets be hopeful and spread some wings
Do what you love and be grateful for everything

I’m afraid I’ve to leave this poem with a heavy heart
Because sometimes, I can’t stop after I start
Be sure to come by and read my blog
New updates are coming; moving like a slow jog

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