Was ‘MIA’ 4Awhile

Oh no………. I’m going MIA again!

Fret not for I’m not going anywhere at the moment. It’s all WORK and probably some PLAY for me.

The year end of 2010 is approaching therefore, there’s so much to be done in terms of work, home, family and money.

Then of course all kinds of stress, worries, anticipations and expectations naturally comes.


Work! Urrgh… not that I don’t love my job. I do like what I do but it’s the company’s management-tingy that makes my work all screw up. People don’t do what they are supposed to do but they like to do what they are not supposed to do. How ironic and pathetic, right? So, when they do what they don’t do and don’t do what they do, that makes my job even harder. Double trouble! Plus, people makes mistakes all the time. Shut up and move on. No point blabbering to the whole office to show who’s wrong and who’s right. Finding a solution for the cause is much more flattering my friend. STRESS


Home is where the heart is and I really believe in this phrase as I feel love and secure in my current one. OH and then there’s the dilemma where we might be moving to (Jake’s parents’ current home) which may be/might be made home by us when they move to their new bung-ga-low. If I wasn’t working, there’s surely nothing to think about as I would be a full-time housewife a.k.a. homemaker but since I’ve already started working, I’m stressing on who will look after the kids once they are back from school. WORRY


I love my family. Be it my family, my very own family or my husband’s family. Families stay together but sometimes can go astray but I always try not to fall apart from being a family member. So, let’s talk about my very own family. Oooo.. the kids are growing and our tiny room that 5 of us call heaven is shrinking but, (not literally). We try to spend as much time as possible with the kids during the weekends. Exams are over and the holidays are coming. The kids are looking forward to their 2 months off and we might just plan something up for them. We, ourselves will never know. Could be a last minute thingy. ANTICIPATION


Money NO Enough is very true indeed. Don’t understand why ‘some’ people can afford to buy designer stuff every quarterly year. Wait…. I think they spend every fortnight. Where do the RM come from? Hmm.. I call them designer goods because to me, affordable ones are branded by their brand. Anyway, with kids these days and with the pricing that goes up and down thanks to our GOV, the numerals in my bank account have been fluctuating. Who went and hid the term, ‘Rakyat Didahulukan’? Money has always been an issue to us. Pur-leese whoever thinks that we are wealthy is blind. Open your eyes and have a good look. Though, we give our kids all the best we can, we still work and get paid hourly. If I were a ‘SIU-LAI-LAI’, I don’t need to have a 8.30am-6.30pm, job do it? I am complaining so go and envy others! EXPECTATION

Well, there’s so much more in my mind that I could brag about but those up there are just common ones that I bet you go through too. New updates will be coming soon hopefully by next week or the week after. So many birthdays in October and November then Christmas is coming! Presents and gifts heart-fully picked for loved ones will definitely include abundance of love and joy from ME!

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