Octo-Babies from Oldest as in AGE

October is filled with birthdays of not one or two but four in total (not including my long-lost girlfriend, Eirene; who is now flying with Singapore Airline – ‘You Go Girl!’).

I ought to start with the oldest and also the eldest but I haven’t got the pictures of FIL’s Birthday yet (pssst! I was in Riga – though will update that later here in this post. So, I’ll move on to the 2nd one.

WHO: MIL’s (mother-in-law) Birthday

WHEN: 24th October (but celebrated on the 23rd)

(celebrated a day earlier because Cc had to fly to Bali the next day for her dance camp)

WHERE: Mandi-Mandi @ Tamarind Springs











Below is a video of the night during the cake-blowing ceremony.

TQ to our loyal and patient waiter, ‘GuGu’.

This is exclusive only for my dear readers. Enjoy!

Mother in Law’s Birthday from Elena Demsi Jake on Vimeo.password:elenajake

PSST!!!! : TQ to my hubby for making this post interesting. This is the premier of my ‘comic book style’ post.

WHO: Cecilia’s Birthday

WHEN: 6th October


Birthday Girl wit her medium-size grin

Embak helping with the rice

MIL is frying the vegetables

Steam Chicken

MIL’s delicious and very spicy curry (very good for ME who came back from Latvia a few days ago)

Fish for the kids (non-spicy)

Steam Fish with Clear Spicy Sour Sauce (spicy)

And of course the cake, Tiramisu

She’s wishing for more days without assignments!!! HAHA!

Hope it’ll come true next year because I know you’re filled with assignments after your birthday!

WHO: Edmund’s Birthday

WHEN: 3rd October (but cake-blowing on the 8th)

(sis and I weren’t back from Latvia yet so we actually missed Ed’s big day but nevertheless our parents and his friends did a great job)


Homemade cake by Mom!!! So cute got ladybirds, flowers and heart-shaped candles some more…

Mommy lighting up the” H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y” candles, all 13 of them

Birthday Boy trying to protect the candles from blowing out!

I don’t know if Ed wants to blow the cake or wants to eat it before blowing… HMM

THE END!  Be back again for the updates on my FIL’s birthday.

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