Hazy Singapore

Gloomy skies. Hazy skies welcomed us. How disappointing.

We arrived at 11am but immigration check took almost an hour because the queue wasn’t moving and they were very slow zzzzz…(some more I needed to pee very badly).

Our home for the night. (1) night in Singapore. At least this place is better than…….


(we stayed here in May – was also one of the biz trips we were assigned for)

My bed… is always next to a bathroom because I’m attached to them and mainly because Elaine loves windows.

This pillow reminds me of my little family. 1 leopard, 1 leopardess and 3 cubs.

After hard day of meeting new & old customers, we treated ourselves COFFEE at ‘The Coffee Connoisseur’.

Sis brought me to Orchard Road. I haven’t been here since who, what, where, when, how. Yes, I live in a closet. But I couldn’t see much because the haze was getting too low. It affected our eyesight and we had trouble breathing.

(if you don’t believe how bad it was, just shut up because you weren’t there)

So… we went to bed not so early because our appointment tomorrow was at 10am. We woke up at 8.30am, checked-out, left our hand luggage with the concierge, then went over to the nearest open food court.

And yes! We had ‘yu-tiao’ and soy for breakfast. Cheap & Good!

After meeting another 3 more customers, we went back to Quality Hotel, took our luggage and caught the free shuttle service to Orchard Road where we spent some time doing window shopping. And yeah we look weird logging the luggage around malls. LOL!

Thank God, the ‘Goyard’ played its role.

After not getting much and probably nothing at all, we left early to the airport via the MRT. Took us less than 45 minutes to reach Changi Airport (w/o a seat; we stood up the whole journey). We had guilty dinner but was a very satisfied one. We hung around the shops and stalls of Terminal 1 until there’s no more to see.

The only souvenirs I got are for the kids and they are:

Something that isn’t available in KL.

And as usual, I have to run to keep up with Elaine. Don’t know how she always gets in front of me.

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