A Night in Genting

We had a night in Genting recently.While Jake attended the GoldenBull Awards in the Genting International Convention Centre (GICC), the kids and I tagged along but instead of having dinner under the stars, I opt for a night with the kids at First World Theme Park. This was a last minute thingy. The kids and I were only supposed to stay home but since the next day was a Saturday and the kids have longed to go Genting, why not ‘kill two birds with one stone’ right?

So, we managed to leave work a little after 4pm, rushed home, prepped the kids and myself then off we went zooming to Genting Highlands. Roads on Fridays are always hectic. So we decided to use the DUKE highway instead of the MRR2. My boss was stuck at the stretch after MRR2 for an hour and half.

The kids didn’t know where we were going, so we asked them to take a nap. But of course with their smart thinking and curiosity, they found out that we were off to Genting!!!! Then, the commotion began, questions were proposed and on and on it went. We arrived up at First World Hotel at 7.15pm to find out the jockey was FULL.

ALAMAK! So, we drove one round and parked at Highlands Hotel and it was already 7.25pm. Jake had to run all the way to to GICC with his fedora and jacket while the kids and I took our time going down escalators and chatting away.

So so…. JAM!

The moment we reached First World Hotel, we went to the tagging counter to collect the theme park tickets I bought online in the afternoon.

I found out that tickets sold online are much cheaper and I wanna save time on queuing too.

The kids didn’t know that they’ve got the whole night to play at the theme park until they’ve got their own wristbands!

They were really happy, jumping for joy but dinner must be first on the list. We dined at Vietnam House.

Braised Yee Mee in Egg Sauce

Lotus Fried Rice

Joe showing Judith how to take pictures with his new gadget

While we were waiting for our ‘Venice Boat Ride’, to our horror!!! We saw a butt-naked mannequin.

All On-board! AHOY, Mates!!!!

Javier and ME… Elena was there!


Joe found a new friend in Genting!

Little Superman ready to fly?

Time-out for the kids. It’s actually passed their bedtime. So, I’m charging their batteries with Baskin Robbins.

(Javier so cute. He said, “I only want Basket Robbins”!)

We went for a ride on the reindeer carriage. It was pretty wobbly and I actually find it scary! I so wanted the ride to end.

Sleeping or resting? Pretending more likely!

After a few more rides, wasted some time on the game machines (did you know they don’t use coins but a touch card?), did a little shopping, bought some food & drinks, we met up with Jake. It was already 11plus (almost 12) and the kids were tired. So, off we went back to our car. The kids changed into their PJs and Jake took his time driving down Genting Highlands while the kids slowly doze off to sleep. We arrived home at about 1.30am. It was a fun-filled night out with the kids. Although tired, the kids certainly enjoyed it. The worst thing was Javier telling me before he went back to bed at home, “Mammy, tomorrow go Genting some more?”

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