The 6th Paperworld Shanghai

Hello Shanghai!

We went there for the 6th Paperworld Shanghai which was held at the Shanghai New International World Expo Centre (SNIEC).

Expo commenced on the 15th and lasted till 18th of September.

We took the MAS midnight flight but since it got delayed for 6 hours, we ended with a morning flight.

Stranded Midnight = No Shopping

(First plane – already inside, settled down, already asleep but still on ground. They made an announcement saying a passenger was missing. Even in my sleep, I can smell engine burning which made me woke up. Then, we were asked to leave the aircraft because there was a technical problem)

(Second plane – already inside, settle down, almost asleep then announced that the external generator broke down. Wait…. wait…. when they have changed the generator, they found out there’s not enough fuel. Wait….. for the ground crew to manually push the aircraft to the right parking space to refuel.. then finally we took off)

We arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the afternoon and that was a bummer! 6 hours spent in KLIA sleep hopping from chair to couch.

Elaine stealing some beauty sleep at the boarding area

I’m trying to get my eyes shut, even a minute is enough

We were given Burger King vouchers at 3am!

Disgusting fast food! I actually ate part of the bread and the cup of fries only.. the chili sauce made it yummy!

This was our home for 4 nights. The Marvel Hotel which was formerly known as YMCA Hotel. It kinda’ looks like a boutique hotel with its classy deco and orange lighting. It’s situated near Nanjing Road in between of Shanghai’s Metro Da Shi Jie and People’s Square. Quite convenient!

Our comfy bed with comfy sheets, comfy comforter, and comfy pillows!

The bathroom was tiny but just nice for the 2 of us!  The bed can be seen through the shower but was covered with a blind for privacy. For lovebirds, ok la.. :p

We’ve got flat screen TV and yes the brand was hilarious. YOSHIBA! Our TV can be turned into a PC complete with wireless keyboard but surfing was limited. Only html format and certainly no pictures loading. Then with my itchy fingers, I press here and there without knowing what had happened, I actually purchased a movie for RMB5. Haha! The screen was in Mandarin letters!!!

That’s Writebest booth. We headed to the expo centre after a quick bag drop off. Notice the company name is missing the ‘SDN BHD’ but nevertheless, Elaine made sure the PICO authorities had it fixed before the next day.

Our first stop was Barbie Shanghai along Huai Hai Road. We are after all ‘little girls at heart’. In the end, I got a limited edition Shanghai Barbie for Judith.

Elaine entering Barbie World via the purple pink escalator

Pink Barbies everywhere!!! We were truly amazed!

My first meet & greet with life-size Barbie. OMiGod!!!!

She was tall, demure, beautiful and very quiet in case you want to know.

This is where designing takes place. Young girls can use these computers to create designs for their Barbie.. have them tailored and pinked by the Barbie seamstress below.Designs are nicely packed in a box just like any other branded boutiques. How kewl right?

We had hotpot for dinner. Our hotpot was filled with fish slices in both soup flavors.

This was what we went through each time we take the train back and forth from the expo. Taking the subs were interesting and some were awfully stressful.

Once, my handbag was already inside the train while I was still standing on the platform.  And since the door was beeping which signals to close, I was like help help help. My sister came to rescue, she helped me pull my handbag out in time. After the doors closed, we just stood there and laughed.

Another one was this lady was beside me. We were holding on to the middle pole of the train. More people came in and it was really tight. Butts to butts, boobs to boobs, and heads to heads. Then, I suddenly realized this middle age lady’s armpit was resting on my hand and it was damp. Ew…..  gotta disinfect it ASAP!

Our first day at the exhibition. Check out the signage. ‘SDN BHD’ was successfully sticker-cised.

Our lunchbox

We were invited to the Welcome Reception hosted by the organizers at SOFITEL.

It was held at the revolving restaurant and bar on the 46th and 47th Floor of the hotel. As you can see, we have the panoramic view of Shanghai but the weather wasn’t very clear. It was a bit hazy.

Cam-Aunties! Haha thanks to camerawoman, Jennifer. This was about 6pm.

Senior Mr Khor and Peter (Penangites)

Jennifer, she’s one bubbly lady who isn’t shy to express her thoughts! (Sing-a-pore -> Penangites)

Young Mr Khor.

Mr & Mrs Lee (Kay-Elle)

What’s coming out from the pitcher jug? It’s beer… HAHA! Peter emptied 3 jugs in total.

Ah.. the men drink beer, the ladies drank wine.

I was only saying we that we prefer red wine so that we could avoid the beer but, Senior Mr Khor wine-napped this ‘Great Wall’ red wine from the bar for us!

Mind our feet… OMG hurt like crapped.. Elaine had corns and blisters while I had distorted foot (x2)

Look what we found on the way to dinner at Nanjing Road?

“Hershey’s Magnificent Chocolate Works Machine”

You can get Hershey’s A-Z here!!!

We had the infamous XiaoLongBao’ which was huge. Kinda like the big size sellotape. It was packed with soup +  meats of shrimp and crab.

These dumplings were packed with meaty flavors too..

Look got pirated CROCODILE… haha ‘CLIO-CODDLE

EKIN… tengok… Nampak tak ni kedai LI~NING besar-besar!!!

Wahaha… bertingkat-tingkat, KIN! Tempahan untuk 2011 belum buka lagi! :p

The crowded Nanjing Road on a weekday!

The BUND.. sis wanted to take me for the cruise but it takes about 50 minutes and the scheduled time was 10pm.

I don’t want to wake up with panda eyes for our last day of exhibition so we scanned the area and took some photos.

TADA! These are my goodies for the exhibition but I didn’t ate all of them because, the Mars Bar went to Peter, the last piece of ferrero rocher was taken by Senior Mr Khor and the pack of garlic bread was offered to the men who came at the end of the day to clear our booth.

Funny they have Instant Pearl Tea in Shanghai… and it didn’t taste good. Sis ate the pearls and left the tea with me which I eventually added into my Nescafe to make ‘cham’

Our lunch box bought from Family Mart. I bought it in 3 minutes but it took me 15 minutes to wait in line for heating purposes

YO . BAA stands for Yogurt Bar.. this is the healthy choice if you crave for ice-cream. Natural flavored yogurt topped with fresh mangoes.

On the last day of exhibition, we went and de-stress. Well, it wasn’t that stressful but the train rides certainly were. For each exhibition, we would normally have a guilty meal once. Something a bit over average but very complete. We headed to Tenya… recommended by Jake’s friend fellow food blogger, Kwong Eats ….

Our dinner consists of:

  • 3 kinds of tuna sashimi (O-toro/Chu-toro/Toro-shio)
  • Steamed king crab
  • Toro shabu-shabu pot (including Zuwai crab, vegetables and Udon)
  • Bowl of rice
  • Ice-cream for desert

OMG blue fin tuna is very yummy.. very tasty too.. I’m afraid I can’t take commercial sashimi anymore. Only kidding!

The last photo I took of the beautifully lit Shanghai before we head back to our hotel.

On our way back to where we landed, Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Thank God there wasn’t any flight delays. We arrived back in KL at 3.25pm and it was 32 ºC comparing to Shanghai’s 23 ºC!

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