From the Vault, Just for Laughs!

Firstly, Happy Belated Independence Day to my fellow Malaysian Readers. I went through my photos a week ago and found some funny pictures that I thought I should share. It’s not going to embarass anyone. They’re truthful and lovely pictures that show a person’s many side which he or she might not even know existed. Be it sadness, happiness, corniness, silliness or just simply themselves.

What not a better way to start this then starting with one of my pictures, right?

Okay I didn’t tiny-size it… I actually accidentally down-sized the whole album of our short holiday in Awana Kijal.. LOL!

Haha.. When I first saw this I was laughing myself silly then when I look at the picture’s size, I laughed myself mad. So sorry for the puny picture. I tried looking for other funny pictures of me but I guessed and I just realized, I’m rarely photographed! This picture was taken with a mobile phone and back-grounded with its apps.

See these 2 monkees? Jake was teaching Judith how to do the ‘kawaii’ post!

As you can see, she mastered the pursed lips very well… we were at Sushi King right after her Sports Day

She (Judith) already started her ‘kawaii’ poses since 18 months old

Now this is the aspiring Judith.. she plans to have bigger boobs than me in the future

This is cute little Javier.. when he was only 3 years old and a was already pro with the Nintendo DS.. he plays until he falls sleeps!

Javier wasn’t aspiring to be a cross-dresser.. he’s just showing there’s a feminine side of him

This.. not so feminine.. as usual the youngest cries a lot and craves for attention

Although, he could be taking some hairdressing classes soon which I won’t mind.. because baby, you can do my hair!

Ahh.. Joe showing off what he can do with his elongated eyes. Someday, he will have telescopic vision.

Now, this is my sister, Elaine. No, we did not bully her. We just gave her a surprise birthday party 2 years ago. She was touched. :p

Cecilia who always does a pose no matter what as long as the lenses are pointing at her

See what I told you? She obviously has her favorite left cheek smiling at the camera

Well, for the this particular photo.. let me just say, it was candid. Jake was showing off his massage skills and Cc was the guinea pig.

The ever so bubbly Nancy… with bubbly cheeks like these, you can’t go wrong with this posse’

And when she doesn’t do the cute bubbly stuff, she can do the ‘bi-atch’ look, look good as well.. and kinda’ demure right? Wen, if this photo makes you a star, don’t forget me, k? Haha!

Well, this is Jake in agony with the help of his mom, my MIL, the Mrs Yong @ Ritha.. First was Jake and now, she wants to show off her massage skills too! She looked like she’s enjoying it!

Mrs Yong with her not-so-ready hairdo.. prepping for Cc’s SYTYCD finale. Check it out! Her rollers matches her red arm-tights!

Can you do this? Mrs Yong sure can! These 2 ladies are showing what they can each do with their flexibility.

My FIL, better known as Mr Yong or Big Boss.. singing his favorite ‘Money Song’. I dubbed him the Msian’ Sam Hui.. He sings every time Writebest Annual Dinner is held.

When he doesn’t boss people around, he’s actually a goofy person. Seen here with one of my MIL’s wig.

Presenting my manager, Mr Tan… who thinks he’s handsome. He sometimes takes me for granted but SK, don’t get mad okay, because I have more of pictures of you which I’m dying to upload. This was taken early this year when his company car arrived. His pose? The result of getting a Toyota instead of a Honda.

This is one of our favorite uncle from Singapore. He’s goofy just like my FIL but is much more open minded when it comes to life and upbringings! We took this picture at Pho Hua, The Curve

A finale for you guys.. this is my grandma. I call her by the name, “PaPi”. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have answers for you. She don’t mind me taking pictures of her but she needs to approve them before I let them go into my blog. She’s trying out her new prescription at Midas Optical, Taman Suntex, Cheras. If you’re looking affordable specs and good service, look for Terence!


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