Pains in The Office

I Pretend to Work? Nah… Office Politics? Nah..  this is much more annoying. People who pat arses, people who think they are adored in the office, people who think they wear the pants at the office (but doesn’t at home), people who bragged about what other people has and what he or she has had, people who pretend to be nice, people who back-stab by gossiping about lives of others. I’m not saying I’m perfect nor I haven’t been a bad person but I definitely don’t do all the above except for this.

Blogging about how pathetic people at the office are. I’ve done a list of what people do @ the office just to get attention, just to feel powerful and make themselves look good outside but not inside!

Oh btw, everyone at the office talks about you. Even managers talk about you. Oh yes, we gossip bout’ you but you’re kind of a gossiper too. Winds of rumors flow through you like no other. And you’re pretty a busybody fella too. When you find out something, you just have to be the informer don
‘t you? You just have to brag to everyone you know. Hmm… OH YES! We’re talking about YOU!


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  • i really really likes all ur Office Pain List..

    really really agree wif u..

    i really really will wait for de next part..

    but hopefully no more Office Pain List in ur blog..

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