Weekend @ Westin

(Going into the elevator)

Judith: Mummy! Daddy! Where are we going?

Daddy: I want to see this hotel’s gym.

(Kids jumping in the elevator screaming “my ears, my ears“) TING!

Javier: WAH………. so many doors! Joe: Oh! I know! I know! (Ignoring Joe all the way while walking looking for room 2610)

Daddy: Hmm I think it’s this door.

Judith: What are we doing here? Am I thinking what this is?

Joe: We are staying here!

(This led to the kids grinning then screaming YAY while jumping for joy!)

Sorry guys. I haven’t been active blogging lately but, I was casually active the last weekend. We’ve (Jake & I) been counting down to the 21st of August since a month ago and at the very last minute, we decided that the kids should joined us for the weekend getaway, courtesy of my sister. She booked us into Westin, KL which we would never thought of spending our cash there. Luckily for us, the hotel wasn’t fully booked so we got our room earlier unexpectedly (normally at 3pm but luck was on our side, we got it at 1pm) which I must say, was great as the kids got more time to play hide n seek in the room.

We (Jake, I, my sis and my parents / my bro probably won’t know I’m missing) hid this weekend getaway from the kids. They didn’t know we packed because since it was only a night’s stay, and cautioned packing wasn’t needed as we will be in the city (everything is around but pricey-la, or course). So, I dumped pajamas, a top for everyone for Sunday (where’s the bottom?), toiletries and swim wears into my big tote. My loyal fold-able shopping bag hid the sleeping bag and 3 tiny Milo packs to replace the kids’ milk. Whereas, Jake’s weekend knapsack was equipped with his Olympus, Javier’s Mickey Mouse, Judith’s Cuddly Dog and the almighty iPad.

The kids definitely didn’t find anything amiss as we got along just like any other weekend. So, what we did was, we parked in Westin’s car park and walked over to Pavilion for our brunch. Then, after buying some reading materials, we head over to Westin to meet up with my sister. Then, we took the lift to the 26th Floor and that’s when the conversation above started.

Behold! The super extremely comfy bouncy bed.

View from the top… That’s Pavilion Residences well-equipped with gym, tennis court, swimming pool and kids playground which Westin also has. Hahaha!

When we got into room 2610, sis has already prepared goodies for us. There was a note written to the YONGs’. There were Jake’s favorite ‘Whittakers Peanut Slab‘, a bag of mini ‘MARS‘ bar which is my favorite :) and a pack of ‘kinder chocolat‘ for the kids. How thoughtful right?

The first thing that little Javier did was, ‘warm the toilet seat’. And, as I was waiting for him, I found a pack of lavender bathing salt at the side of the bath tub. I knew that was from sis because she knows that I love soaking in the tub and which girl doesn’t anyway?

——>Kids are always amazed with a weighing machine however, adults are terrified of it.
Javier is currently 19 kilograms

Judith also weighs 19 kilograms (either she’s underweight or Javier is overweight)

This is Joe and he is peaking 22 kilograms

Now… all are wondering what’s Daddy’s weight?

Mommy has fatten a little.. my bum grew! I put on 3 kilograms since I’ve started having 2 soft boil eggs every morning. And 49 kilograms isn’t my ideal weight at all. With my height, I should be around 55 kilograms and I can’t imagine being that heavy unless if I’m pregnant.

This was what sis gave us. A  ‘Durian Fantasy’ mooncake made of pure D24 goodness for Jake, Joe and a ‘Sassy Sweet’ mooncake filled with Nutella chocolate crunch for me, Judith and Javier but in the end, the 2 little ones wasn’t fond of any. They were both delicious but Jake thought the durian tasted better.

——> The kids love room service and they know they will have at least one meal in the room. Therefore, they got to choose each a meal from the menu. Psst! Westin’s in-room dining isn’t pricey at all. I mean if the portion is big, why not? When I called to order, the lady asked if the 3 dishes I ordered is for 1 adult! Haha.. that was weird and awful at the same time.

Judith ordered mashed potato, bakes beans topped with a chicken drumstick

Javier ordered Chinese style fried rice topped with his favorite bull’s eye egg

Joe on the other hand who’s always adventurous for food, ordered himself mini beef hamburgers with fries

Jake and I decided to share our dinner, therefore we ordered a bowl of ‘Lin Chee Kang’ priced at RM12 which was affordable because it was a big big bowl filled with rich goodies.

We had ‘wood-fired’ pizza freshly made by Prego. It was topped with pepperoni, turkey ham, gorgonzola, artichoke, kalamata olives, button mushroom, mozzarella and tomato sauce.. PHEW! That was long!

——>The  next morning, we woke up to a beautiful rainbow. The kids were so excited that they went and wake Jake up. We went over to Pavilion for lunch then back to the hotel to snap a few cute pictures before leaving the hotel.

Thank you so much, Sis. Even though it was only for a night’s stay, we enjoyed it very much and we never regretted that the kids tagged along. It was fun and it was filled with laughter. Overall, Westin Hotel was a great place but the concierge department was a bit too cool to welcome patrons. The room service and housekeeping folks were very friendly. The food was good. Too bad this hotel doesn’t really have a child’s pool. They do have a wading pool but it wasn’t higher than any kid’s knee. In the end, the kids traded the wading pool for the bath tub in the room.

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