Who Left Those Cookies n’ Cream?

I’m sure everyone have toilet woes.
It happens and must have happened at least once in our life or probably everyday too.
I’m sure we have the curiosity to open the closed lid of the public toilets.
After all there’s only so few cubicles and there’s so many people lining up.
So, why doesn’t one step into the cubicle and open that particular lid?
You know and I know what we’ll most likely encounter with.

Public toilets are patronized almost half a day and that is within non-stop mode.
When one comes out, the next goes in and so on and on.
There’s hardly for the cleaner lady to give it a routine check.
And when the flushes doesn’t work, the ignorance continues.
Peed over pee, wet tissues over lumpy ones, clogging the hole.
Worst is when there are solids and red liquid… uuurgghhhh

Don’t mind me but I accept those because they’re meant to be publicly used.

Hmm what about office toilets then? They’re no different because it shows how unaware of consciousness we humans are.

Below are a few examples of what I have encountered during toilet visits.. and most of them are in my office!


Dot 2 Dot Pee-Pee on toilet seat and even on the seat cover… yes, you might wonder like how I did..

How did the pee even got on the seat cover? (AHEM! This is the Ladies.. we can’t projectile)


The same as the above.. how did the pee get all the way at the back?


This happens when one flushes and leave the cubicle without checking for leftovers.. be responsible people!


This is so far the most disgusting bowl one would ever find! Looks like someone forgot to flush it down!

Either the flush weren’t working or the person didn’t know it was a big one!

In conclusion of the above, I can conclude that a percentage of women pee in awkward positions to achieve peeing unskillfully. Check out my pencil illustration skills!

You get what I mean?

My dear friends, use the bowl wisely. It isn’t so hard to press that lever down or at least do a double flush when you had a big one. Keep the seat clean for the next person. If course you wouldn’t want  to encounter LOO ONE, LOO TWO, LOO THREE or LOO FOUR.

So, if you happen to trickle, be sweet to wipe if off or better, give the toilet seat the all-around spray.

And if you happen to make a big one, be sure not to leave any chocolate chips behind.

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  • Hi Elaine,
    So funny this post! u actually remembered how those 4 loo cubicles look like & draw it out huh..?! *terror* la…hahaha! Just tot of dropping a line only…=)

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