Unexplainable but Drawable

This morning, Javier was having a conversation with me. Well, actually the conversation started last night and thank goodness it ended this morning. He was telling me that the art glues I bought for him ain’t sticky enough. Not as sticky as the ones his kindy teacher uses.

So, I told him I would buy him one but he’ll have to describe to me how does it look like.

I asked him,

  • the size of the bottle
  • the shape of the bottle
  • the color of the glue, etc

He tried to explain to me but I didn’t get him. Silly me. I kept on asking does it have a sponge dispenser, was it long and thin, does the cap opens up or does it twists to open, is the glue invisible, is the tip pointy.. to his horror, he threw his tantrums and to my horror, he said, “Hai-ya! I’ll draw for you to see!”

Alamak, kinda like a slap in the face. I should have asked him to do that earlier. Why I didn’t think of it? I kept on asking questions, looking for answers. Well, I guess this is a lesson for me. So, to all parents out there, if you can’t get what your kids is saying or your kids can’t get what you preach, draw it out and explain. That would cut the time of debates and most of all, it’s really cute to find out how smart and creative a child can be when it comes to expressing their needs with art.

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