Jolly Date ‘sans’ Kids

Hubby and I don’t always find time for ourselves.. well we do find time at home after work. We watch TV episodes together. I particularly love Ghost Whisperer whereas he likes Hell’s Kitchen. And then there are the ones where we share like CSI (Miami, Vegas, NY), Dexter, Lie to Me and recently Royal Pain.

There’s nothing like a good company before going to bed. But, the occasionally breakfast and lunch dates are pretty sweet too. So, one of the Saturdays, we left the kids with my in-laws while we went about sweeping the Bukit Bintang streets. We can never do this when kids are around, walking by the roadside and crossing the street never ever comes to mind. Because outdoors are pretty dangerous when it comes to the Golden Triangle and road users aren’t very friendly either.

So hand in hand, me with my handbag and Hubby with his camera, we combed the streets….

Breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam and of course Twittering

Our first stop was Pavilion and we regret that the kids couldn’t see this but luckily they didn’t come either because the concourse was packed with people big and small!

Woo-Hoo what goes up must come down.. this little one doesn’t look like he’s enjoying anti-gravity

Second stop was Hutong Food Court @ Lot 10

Lot 10 after its refurbishment. It’s definitely revamped but same old stuff

Next stop.. YES! Sungei Wang, shopping paradise for tourists

And probably for me too! Haha Hubby got me a Japanese inspired bag, Yippie for a hippie!

Last stop was Plaza Low Yat where we went and search high and low for Hubby’s iPad casing. Prices were productively high but not seductive enough.. therefore, he settled with a simple sleeve from POFOKO

We took a break from tech and settled for coffee break and Twitter comes to mind

Buildings we see on our way back to our car. We actually parked at JW Marriot as the parking rates for weekends are @ RM5 flat per-day. There was once we parked at Pavilion and spent RM15 for just the parking.

For dinner, we headed to Jaya One where we dined at Brussels Beer Cafe. The place was packed when we already got there. Outdoor seats were fully booked even without occupants, so we had to settle for indoor ones. Canteen seats actually.. how old school!

Overall, the food and drinks were great but the downfall was they weren’t very efficient on my dish. I ordered pork chop and it came after Hubby has finished his steak. Then when my pork chop came, it was still a pig. They sent it back and refired it but my pig came back as a rock and my onions were gone. Where did my onions went? Oh, they didn’t even mention the word, ‘SORRY’.

I don’t mind going back there again for the food but if my romantic dinner turns out hard rock, then I would most probably make a big fuss out of it.

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