Dunno Wats So Funny

Hmm a week ago, did you guys saw the front page of The Star?

If you didn’t or if you’re thinking which copy I’m talking about, fret not.

I have the front picture right here.

It was actually a food fiesta for our fellow MPs’. It says, ‘mutton and durian feast’ at the Parliament, but I actually saw much more heaty food like mangosteens and duku langsat. Heaty food not hearty food OK? No wonder one of the MP’s passed out. He was out of breath and dizziness took over him. I mean wat were they thinking? These 2 super heaty food-fruits shouldn’t be consumed together at the same time.

And what does the poor MP’s fellow colleagues got to say? Some aided him. Some, like the ones at the back just grinned.. oh wait, they are actually laughing. I think they should be embarrassed. This isn’t the right moment to laugh! It’s a matter of life and death but thank goodness, the MP was rushed to the hospital, regained his consciousness, and got discharged later. He must have been too excited with the plentiful of food and fruits displayed in front of him.

So guys, do beware of certain food that doesn’t goes well with certain solids and liquids. And also, you can never have too much at once. Take these delicious delicacies moderately. After all, everyday is durian season!

Psst! Always drink water to cool your body after a heaty meal… not sirap OK?

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